Recent Spanish titles in Davee Library

Steven Dworkin. A History of the Spanish Lexicon: A Linguistic Perspective (Oxford University press, 2012). 321 pp. CALL: PC4445 .D86 2012

Matthew Bailey. The Poema del Cid and the Poema de Fernán González: The Transformation of an Epic Tradition. (Madison, 1993) vi + 144 pp. Hard-bound. CALL: PQ6377 .B35 1993

Fernando de Rojas. La Celestina. By María Eugenia Lacarra. Second edition. (Madison, 1995) lxvi + 189 pp. Hard-bound.
CALL: PQ6426 .A1 1995

Roger D. Tinnell. An Annotated Discography of Music in Spain before 1650. 2nd ed., greatly expanded and revised. (Madison, 1990) xlviii + 248 pp. Hard-bound.
CALL: ML156.4 .N3 S88 1990

Segunda parte de Lazarillo de Tormes, 1555. Edited by Manuel Ferrer-Chivite. (Madison, 1993) xvi + 273 pp. Hard-bound.
CALL: PQ6407

Carlos Antonio Rodríguez Matos. El narrador pícaro: Guzmán de Alfarache. (Madison, 1985) vi + 132 pp. Hard-bound.
CALL: PQ6272.Z5 R74 1985

Judith A. Whitenack. The Impenitent Confession of Guzmán de Alfarache. (Madison, 1985) iv + 216 pp. Hard-bound.
CALL: PQ6272.Z5 W46 1985

Bruno Mario Damiani. Montemayor's Diana, Music, and the Visual Arts. (Madison, 1983) vi + 118 pp., 1 color plate. Hard-bound.
CALL: PQ 6414 .A2 D35 1983

Two Generations: A Tribute to Lloyd A. Kasten (1905-1999). Edited by Francisco Gago Jover. (New York, 2002). viii + 301 pp. Hard-bound.
CALL: PC4064.K37 T86 2002

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