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Diversity Dialogues

The Diversity Dialogues series provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to have conversations about relevant issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, social justice, and much more. They are designed to be very informal gatherings allowing participants to educate and learn from one another.

Conversation is the hallmark of community building. The Center of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging wants to help bring the conversations to you - the campus community. To achieve this, we will be hosting these open forum/discussion sessions that offer students, faculty, and staff the chance to share their experiences. While each conversation has a centralized theme, we are very flexible. Participants will determine where the conversations go. This series is meant to emphasize a commitment to community-based learning that encourages all members of the UWRF community to be active participants in these types of conversations.

This series has been adapted to our "Taco Bout it Tuesday" series which aims to discuss similar topics in a more interactive experience.

September 12: Power of Words

Septermber 21: Biases

September 26: Safety on Campus

October 11: National Coming Out Daya

October 17: Allyship

October 26: Free Speech on College Campuses

October 31: Cultural Appropriation

November 7: Volunteerism

November 16: Trans Awareness Week

November 30: Microaggressions

December 5: Religion and Spirituality

December 14: Unknown Isms

February 7: Racism

February 21: Profiling

March 7: Feminism

March 21: Civility

April 4: Words Have Power

April 18: Microaggressions

May 2: Beauty & Race

October 7: Privilege 101

October 21: The Social Construction of Race

November 4: Debunking Revisionist History

November 18: Healing From Toxic Masculinity

December 2: Reflections of a "Broke College Student"

December 9: Interviewing For Your First Job

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