International Students

Charge: Recommend ways to integrate international students into the social and intellectual lives of the broad campus community, working especially with American students who have traveled abroad, on an on-going, semester-long process as well as in connection the orientation for international students. (Consult the work of Magara, Shelby, Karen, and Rhonda on the "Global Partners" program.)  Make recommendations to the Steering Group by October 30, 2012.

Core Membership: Carolyn Brady; Molly Gerrish (CEPS); Magara Maeda (CAS); Vladimir Pavlov (CAS); Rhonda Petree; Shelby Rubbelke; Paul Shepherd; Bonnie Walters (CAFES); Wei Zheng (CBE)

Chair: Paul Shepherd

Steering Group Liaisons: Carolyn Brady, Shelby Rubbelke

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Date Topic Agenda Minutes
July 12, 2012