FAQ Payroll and Pay Schedules

Person ID vs w#
Your Person ID and “W” number are two different numbers. Your Person ID is located on your earning statement. This is a System wide number. Your W number is unique to UWRF.

Leave when to use? When do I turn in my time/leave slip?
Classified time reports are to be turned in no later than the day after payday (usually Friday). The original time sheet with applicable signatures must be submitted for any employee to receive payment. Classified employees are required to use leave when they are off work during their scheduled shift. There may be certain exceptions when time can be “made up”, but only in the same week, and with supervisor and Human Resources approval. Any shift differentials or overtime must be paid if the option is allowed.

PAY SCHEDULES - When do I get paid?

Unclassified Staff

Unclassified staff are paid monthly, usually on the first of the month. If the first of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal Reserve holiday, the check is paid on the last business day preceding the pay day. The check for December is paid on the first business day of January.

The exact dates included in each pay period vary according to the institution's academic schedule. More information.

Nine-month academic appointments receive a check October 1 through June 1. Compensation for summer employment, if any, may be paid on a different schedule. Consult your campus payroll office for this information.

Unclassified employees who are paid on a lump-sum basis receive a check on the "end-of-month" (EOM) payroll, payable on the twelfth of the month following the month the service was rendered.

Classified Staff

Classified staff , including limited term employees, are paid bi-weekly. The pay period runs for two weeks, Sunday through Saturday. Pay day is the second Thursday following the end of the pay period. If pay day falls on a holiday, the check is paid on the last business day preceding the pay day.

Student hourly employees are paid bi-weekly on a schedule opposite that of classified staff.

Here is a schedule of all payrolls from the UW-Madison website — with information geared toward the employee: This will open in a new window.

What if payday is on a holiday?
If this happens, you will be paid the day before (Wednesday for classified employees). Unclassified employees will be the same with the exception of January 1 st pay, which is paid the first business day following the holiday.

How do I know what I am claiming for my taxes?  
This information is listed on your earning statement near the bottom. You will also see the current and year to date dollar amount that has been withheld.

Payroll/Taxes/Earning Statement

Payroll and Taxes

What does the retirement/BAC YES/amount mean on my earning statement?
Retirement “YES” – indicates coverage under Wisconsin Retirement System

Retirement BAC “YES” – indicates the Benefit Adjustment Contribution; funds improved retirement benefits. If you see any dollar amount next to either of these amounts, that is your contribution.

Can I “opt out” of WRS?
No*. If your position is eligible for retirement, you are not able to opt out of participation.
* Employees who are retired and are rehired into an eligible position are exempt from this rule if they are collecting their pensions from the state. However you are then not eligible for the benefits your position may qualify for.

How do I change my tax withholdings?
This can be done at any time you wish. Fill out the following form and return it to your payroll specialist.

I want to claim exempt from taxes, what do I have to do and how often?
This must be done annually by completing a W-4 form. You must certify you meet certain qualifications and you are responsible for any liability by claiming exempt status. If you claimed exempt in the previous calendar year but do not complete a new form for the current year, your tax status will be changed to S-0, usually around mid February.

I didn't get/ can't find my earning statement?
Please contact DoTS at 3687

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