Falcon Center

Position Summary

Comprehensive maintenance of building and grounds at the Hunt Knowles/ Falcon Center complex.  Maintain building and grounds systems to create an attractive, useful and safe campus environment to meet diverse university community needs.

Preventative Maintenance

1.  Perform preventative maintenance to assigned buildings.
2.  Perform visual inspection on a daily/ weekly basis ascertaining proper operation of building systems.
3.  Maintain records on building systems and equipment.
4.  Maintain working relationship with building custodians in order to ascertain building problems.
5.   Perform roof reports.
6.  Read and record water electric and condensate meters.

Maintenance and repair of heating and cooling systems (25%):

1. Inspect and repair/ replace steam traps.
2. Inspect and repair/ replace check valves.
3. Inspect and repair/ replace heating and cooling valves.
4. Assist in the calibration of condensate metering equipment.
5. Assist in calibrating thermostats for heating and cooling.
6. Replace motor bearings and switches.
7. Inspect and replace mechanical pump seals.
8. Inspect and replace pump impellers and shafts.
9. Inspect and replace motor and pump couplers.
10. Assist with maintenance of chillers and cooling systems.

General Maintenance
1. Replace floor and ceiling tile.
2. Replace light switches and ballasts.
3. Repair water faucets and unplug drains.
4. Repair holes in walls and minor painting.
5. Repair holes in carpet.
6. Repair locks, door and window hardware.   
Install, maintain and repair outdoor fixtures (20%):

1. Assemble, install, maintain, repair outdoor furniture (benches, picnic tables, park and outdoor recreation and athletic equipment).
2. Assemble, install and maintain outdoor signage.
3. Maintain and perform minor repairs to irrigation and fountain systems.                                                                
4. Assemble, install and maintain outdoor trash and recycling containers.
5. Inspect, maintain, and perform minor repairs parking lots and streets.  
6. Assemble, install maintain all other outdoor fixtures as directed (bicycle racks, fencing and gates, retaining walls, etc.)
7. Read and interpret blueprints and drawings,  assist craftsworkers with higher level activities and perform related project work as assigned, including meet/communicate with outside contractors, recommend products, procedures and maintain records of above activities.

Operate and maintain Grounds Maintenance vehicles and equipment (20%):

1. Operate Grounds vehicles and equipment.  Operate mowers, loaders, trucks, tractors and attachments, forklift, plows, sanders, salters, athletic liners, handtools and related equipment in support of seasonal grounds maintenance activities.  
2.  Maintain Grounds vehicles and equipment.  Maintain mowers, loaders, trucks, tractors, forklift, plows, sanders, salters, handtools and related equipment in support of seasonal grounds maintenance activities.  Keep records of same as required.  Read and interpret drawings and parts manuals.  Assist mechanic with higher level maintenance and repair.
3. Maintain turf, plants, trees including mowing, weeding, pruning, etc. including application of herbicides and lining of athletic fields as directed.

Related duties as assigned including attending meetings, maintaining records of work, submit purchase order requests, recommend safe and efficient work practices, on call for emergency situations. (5%)

Knowledge Required

1.  Ability to communicate effectively (oral and written) and the interpersonal skills necessary to interact with coworkers, supervisors, other staff and the public.
2.  Mechanical skills to use, safely operate and maintain grounds equipment and vehicles and all hand and power tools in performance of assigned duties.   
3.  Safe practices of moving of equipment and supplies.
4.  Regulations pertaining to the proper application of fertilizers and pesticides.
5.  Mathematical skills necessary to calculate percentages, ratios, distance, area, volume and cost estimates.

Special Requirements:

1.  Ability to learn and perform all essential job functions accurately and safely with minimal direct supervision.
2.  Eligible to be certified to operate state vehicles.
3.  Possess or be willing to obtain Wisconsin Commercial Pesticide Applicator's    license for Ornamental and Turf.
4.  Possess or be willing to obtain fork lift certification.
5.  Ability to work outside of regular schedule for emergencies and special events; provide UWRF with contact information to be used in the event of an emergency and be willing to respond in a timely manner.
6.  Ability to perform seasonal outdoor maintenance in all types of weather.
7.  Visual acuity necessary to read parts books and equipment manuals; manual dexterity with to operate hand and power tools, maintain records and complete paperwork, operate computer terminal.
8.  Physical ability to perform tasks including stoop, bend, crawl to service equipment as well as standing, bending, kneeling, climbing stairs and ladders and walking significant distances.
9.  Ability to operate hand and power tools in performance of assigned duties.
10. Duties require sustained and/or repetitive lifting of 50 lbs.
11. Must complete and successfully pass pre-employment Essential Job Function screen.