Provide successful management of the Music Department Office; provide administrative assistance to the chair and faculty of the Music Department; provide administrative support, management, and coordination for concerts, programs, and public events; prepare (type/word process/data entry) of written communication, reports, and internet-based information (website, social media, and data forms); maintain, monitor, and process budget, purchasing, and payment; supervise student workers and student worker payroll. 

A.  Manage Music Department Office (20%)
    1.   Serve as receptionist for the department and provide correct information in person, on the phone or in writing to current   and prospective students, university staff, community members, and others.
    2.   Independently in charge of sending recruitment letters to prospective students including brochures and pamphlets pertaining to music curriculum.
    3.   Responsible for designing, typing, and printing programs and promotional posters for concerts and recitals given by students, faculty, and guest artists.
    4.   Responsible for accurate collecting and receipting of money for CDs, manuscript paper, and key deposits.
    5.   Receive incoming phone calls, take messages for faculty members, and relay information accurately and efficiently.   
    6.   Maintain working condition of office equipment, requesting service calls as needed.
    7.   Compile and maintain schedules of Department chair and faculty.
    8.   Process change of major, minor, and advisor forms.
    9.   Provide access to the Student Resource Room (B94) for the students in Music Education.

B.  Provide Administrative Assistance to Music Department Chair and Faculty
    1.   Function as departmental liaison with other university departments, offices and students; answering inquiries, scheduling meetings, taking messages, etc.
    2.   Provide new personnel with information as to procedures and routine of office, department and university.
    3.   Develop and maintain information and advise all Music Department personnel as to standard policies and procedures of various university units, including regulations and policies concerning office and practice rooms keys, and book requests.
    4.   Design and type memos and announcements, concert programs and program notes and assist in preparation of brochures, pamphlets, and the department newsletters.
    5.   Maintain proper concert schedule for the year for the department bulletin board, type and distribute the calendar for scheduled Music Department events and distribute publicity notices to UWRF Communications.
    6.   Design and type the Music Department Student Handbook.
    7.   Collect and maintain confidential faculty evaluations; return to proper department when due.
    8.   Assist with entrance auditions including scheduling, corresponding with potential students and maintaining accurate records reflecting outcomes of auditions.
    9.   Assist ensemble tour directors with typing of correspondence and other clerical work concerning all phases of the tour set   up.
   10.  Coordinate completion and processing of faculty sick leave and absence forms.
   11.  Assist in preparing schedule for academic year and summer session.
   12.  Design needed forms including lesson schedules, practice room rehearsal schedules, and concert schedules in the concert hall.
   13.  Fill out all instructional and non-instructional faculty hiring forms as directed by chair, and submit to the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office.
   14.  Establish and/or recommend changes on policies and procedures affecting program areas of responsibility.

C.  Production of Typed/Word Processed Copy and Maintenance of Data Bases
    1.   Maintain knowledge of computer use and keep up to date of new programs that will contribute to the efficiency of the office.
    2.   Maintain computer files on database.
    3.   Type/word process all written copy for department (i.e. letters, memos, faculty articles, resumes, meeting minutes, course material, class schedules, exams and listing of current students, prospective students, and alumni.
    4.   Maintain updated mail lists of bulk mailings for sending recruitment letters and scholarship forms to prospective students, for sending concert calendar and newsletter to alumni, for sending information concerning workshops, music festivals, etc. to music teachers in the area, and for sending job descriptions to various colleges and universities.
    5.  Assist chair of Search and Screen Committees in all aspects of correspondence, record keeping, and itineraries during the search and screen process.
    6.   Develop and maintain a data base inventory of all instruments, supplies and instructional material.
    7.   Compose, type, maintain and update letter of acknowledgment to alumni and other contributors to the Music Department Scholarship Fund.
    8.   Assist chair, staff, and student workers in the use of the computer.
    9.   Responsible for the Music Department website. Update and make changes on a monthly basis as requested.   

D.  Preparation of Reports and Composition of Written Communication (5%)
    1.   Prepare drafts of reports; edit copy for duplication or printing.
    2.   Compile data for reports requiring overall knowledge of the academic, professional, and/or technical activities of a unit.
    3.   Gather, compile and write materials on workload, cost studies and budget justification.
    4.   Write brief letters of acknowledgment and transmittal.
    5.   Select and send proper form letters
    6.   Notify persons of time and place of meeting as directed.
    7.   Type the department newsletters and send to the printer.
    8.   Compose letters, which require the exercise of judgment and originality; answer letters from verbal or written instruction with review of content.
    9.   Make decision on which letters can be answered independently.

E.  Maintenance of Budget Records (15%)
    1.   Collect and record all purchase receipts, invoices, vehicle reservations, etc.
    2.   Balance accounts monthly using WISDM.
    3.   Provide Department Chair with monthly summary of budget balances and projected S&E expenditures.
    4.   At direction of chair, prepare Supplemental Funding Requests.
    5.   Receive cash receipts and prepare deposit forms.
    6.   Develop and maintain information and advise all Music Department personnel regarding policies and procedures for purchasing and payments to guest artists, etc.
F.  Purchasing (5%)
    1.   Purchase supplies for department as directed by department chair and faculty.
    2.   Submit purchase requisitions to Purchasing Department as directed by chair.
    3.   Track and maintain records of all procurement card purchases.
    4.   Submit monthly procurement card statements and receipts to Purchasing Office.
    5.   Submit invoices for payment to appropriate area (Accounting or Foundation).
    6.   Track and maintain records of all purchases.
    7.   Track and maintain records of blanket contracts.

G.  Work Study and Student Assistant Payroll
    1.   Recruit, hire, train, and supervise student workers. 
    2.   Verify hours worked for students; sign student time cards as first-line supervisor.
    3.   Input student payroll information from time-cards on bi-monthly basis.
    4.   Maintain accurate and complete student payroll records, including time sheets; match time sheets to payroll edit reports bi-monthly.
    5.   Provide Department Chair with monthly summary of student assistant and work study balances, and provide projected expenditures through year-end.

H.  Musical Events Management (15%)
    1.   Function as liaison with the public in coordinating and scheduling concerts and events in Abbott Concert Hall, and Music Department facilities and rooms.   This includes the major music festivals and events during the year, several clinics and workshops, and faculty, student, and guest recitals.
    2.   Responsible for coordinating and scheduling of Abbott Concert Hall for use by the Music Department, other university departments, and the community.
    3.   Work with Campus Reservations, Facilities Maintenance, and UWRF Security to assure smooth coordination of facilities and faculty/student/staff/guest usage.
    4.   Conduct tours of the Music Department for prospective students and families.
    5.   Reserve, disperse, and tally tickets for concerts and music events such as the Homecoming Concert, the Holiday Concerts, and all concerts sponsored by the Music Department that require an admission charge.
    6.   Maintain proper concert schedule for the year for the department bulletin board, department website, type and distribute the calendar for scheduled Music Department events and distribute publicity notices to UWRF Communications.
    7.   Responsible for designing, typing, and printing programs and promotional posters for concerts and recitals given by students, faculty, and guest artists.
    8.   Coordinate and gather special equipment, such as ladders, rugs, and extra stands for various music events.
    9.   Display instrumental/choral performance boards outside in front of Kleinpell Fine Arts Building on date of concert/events.
   10.  Place posters promoting music events around campus.
   11.  Assist in managing the Choral and Instrumental Music Libraries in the Music Department.  Arrange for scores to be on loan to other schools and organizations.

I.  Coordination of Miscellaneous Duties
    1.   Promptly duplicate printed materials (i.e. course handouts, extra programs, posters, visual aids for faculty, letters for mass mailings, reprints of music for lesson or class use.)
    2.   Create and produce appropriate department forms.
    3.   Wrap multiple copies of scores on loan to sister institutions and community groups and arrange for mailing.
    4.   Exercise decision-making authority on most efficient and timely way to distribute all department mailings.
    5.   Maintain files of departmental letters, newsletters, programs, memos, class schedules and faculty records and control access to files.
    6.   Open rooms for students such as rooms housing the grand pianos, harpsichord, percussion equipment and classrooms for extra rehearsal sessions.
    7.   Update Music Department Facebook and related social media pages.

    1.   Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.  Must have the ability to meet and deal effectively with people and maintain an effective working relationship with faculty, staff, students, university officials, and the community.
    2.   Must keep reliable hours on a regular schedule in accordance with College of Arts and Sciences/Music Department Office schedule.
    3.   Understanding of protocol, procedures, and professional expectations related to the field of music performance and music education are extremely important in this position. 
    4.   Accuracy, attention to detail, follow-through, and reliability are extremely important in this position.
    5.   Strong organizational skills and the ability to prioritize multiple tasks.
    6.   Manage and keep sensitive information confidential.
    7.   Ability to exercise a significant degree of independence for decision-making.
    8.   Ability to exercise good professional judgment and utilize problem-solving skills.
    9.   Experience and skills necessary to oversee student employees.
   10.  Intermediate/advanced skills using Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), website design and authoring software, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and web-based CMS. 
   11.  Knowledge of UW System and UWRF policies and procedures related to procurement, payment, payroll (faculty and student), travel reimbursements, etc.

NOTE: Many of the above duties fluctuate throughout the year and from year to year depending on need (i.e. search and screen activities are done only when a search is in progress, recital program activities are heaviest near the end of each semester, etc.)

NOTE: Creative keyboarding is an integral part of every aspect of this job description and should not be considered as just producing written material.