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Location of Posted Internal Advancement Opportunities
Promotional Exams and Interviews
Tuition Reimbursement

Employee Training and Development

The supervisor or another selected person will acquaint the new employee with their job responsibilities. Most of the training required to perform one’s job is in the form of on-the-job training regarding procedures and equipment.

Training and advanced education can benefit the employee both personally and professionally. In keeping with a policy to provide development opportunities for all employees, the university offers some training programs.

The UW-River Falls Classified Staff Advisory Council will coordinate job training opportunities for the development of employees. It is comprised of nominated or volunteer representatives from represented and non-represented staff. Employee input is welcomed. 

If you are interested in information related to training opportunities within or outside the university, contact the Office of Human Resources.

Location of Posted Internal/ Advancement Opportunities

Bulletin boards are provided in each building on the campus for employees’ convenience in viewing and being kept up-to-date on pertinent management and union notices. The building coordinator in each building is responsible for circulating and/or posting all current personnel-related information received to provide a central communication source for employees in each building. Transfer postings can also be viewed via Falcon Daily.

Agriculture Science in Room 115
Centennial Science in Room 149
Chalmer Davee Library in Room 253
East Hathorn Hall Near Career Services and Elevator
Facilities Management Hallway near Room 126
Hagestad Hall Hallway near Athletics Office
Heating Plant East Wall
Hunt/Knowles Hallway near Room 107
Johnson Hall in Room 012
Karges Physical Education in Room 111
Kleinpell Fine Arts in Room 169
North Hall Hallway across from room 105
Parker Hall in Room 030
Regional Development Institute in Room 132
South Hall Hallway by Room 112
University Center Hallway Near Room 197
Wyman Education in Room 240

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Promotional Exams and Interviews

The State of Wisconsin provides promotional opportunities for current classified employees. Employees are invited to participate with other individuals for advancement opportunities by applying and taking civil service examinations. Vacancies are posted in the Current Employment Opportunities Bulletin and on the State of Wisconsin Employment web page at: To find out more information about promotional opportunities, please contact the Office of Human Resources.


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Reclassification is the assignment of a position to a different classification based on logical and gradual changes in duties.

An employee or the employee’s supervisor may request that a position be considered for reclassification if the position has evolved into one with greater duties and responsibilities than originally outlined in the existing position description.

When a supervisor has reason to believe that there has been a significant change in a position, the supervisor should have the employee update the position description. Upon completion, the supervisor should review the position description for accuracy. The updated position description, an organizational chart of the department, and a justification specifying the changes in the position including why and how the changes have occurred should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources.

Generally, reclassifications are reviewed in chronological order from the date that they are formally submitted to the Office of Human Resources. In most cases an audit will be conducted with the employee and/or the supervisor to gain a better understanding of the position and the specific changes that have occurred. Human Resources may review positions at UW-River Falls as well as contact other campuses to obtain similar position descriptions in order to gain an understanding of similar staffing and classification patterns already in existence. This is necessary to ascertain consistency within the UW-System. The position will also be compared with the state specifications to determine if the position meets the intention of the specification.

After the analysis is complete, a decision to approve or deny the reclassification will be made. A detailed approval or denial justification is written by the Office of Human Resources and submitted to the employee and supervisor. If the request is denied, the employee is notified of the right to appeal. If the request is approved, there is generally a salary increase, which is determined by the appropriate collective bargaining agreement or compensation plan.

Employees and supervisors are encouraged to contact Human Resources for specific reclassification processes and procedures.

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It is the policy of the university to carefully consider all requests for transfer subject to the provisions of related collective bargaining agreements with the intention of best serving the employee and the university.

When a vacancy occurs, the position, including any special requirements, is posted via Falcon Daily and on the bulletin boards located in each building on campus. Consult the postings for instructions on how to express interest in the position posted.

Positions not represented by a collective bargaining agreement (non-represented) are not required to be posted; however, these positions are generally posted in the same manner as represented positions. For these vacancies, Human Resources can include the following people for possible interviews, at the supervisor’s discretion: UW-River Falls employees in positions that are in a counterpart pay range; people from other agencies in positions that are in counterpart pay range requesting a transfer; people requesting reinstatement or voluntary demotion; and/or people from the civil service exam register.

When a vacancy occurs and the position is a represented position, the position, including any special requirements, is posted via Falcon Daily and on the bulletin boards located in each building on campus.  If no one has expressed interest in the position with mandatory contractual  rights, other employees in different classifications but within the same pay range may be considered

Employees who are interested in transferring within UW-River Falls or to another agency are encouraged to contact the Office of Human Resources for more specific information.

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Tuition Reimbursement

Under certain circumstances employees may take training or course work and receive total or partial reimbursement for tuition. Courses must be job or career-related.

Contact your supervisor or Human Resources for more information.

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