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Faculty & Staff Forms

Graduate Faculty Status

Purposes: To maintain a pool of graduate faculty to teach graduate courses, advise graduate students, guide student projects, chair graduate committees and oversee graduate programs; and to maintain a pool of graduate faculty to serve on student committees.  Graduate faculty status processes are informed by the Higher Learning Commission's guidelines on "Determining Qualified Faculty."

Forms and instructions are located here, T:\Collaboration\HLC\Chairs\Faculty Status.

 Graduate Studies Final Examination & Submission

Graduate Comprehensive Examination Committee Members.  The program chair assigns the chair and the second committee member.  Committee chairs either assign the third member, or may contact the Office of Graduate Studies to obtain a third committee member.  Requests for third committee members should be made as soon as possible, but no later than one semester prior to scheduling the examination.  This is necessary to confirm the third committee member's participation, to allow time for the committee chair to communicate appropriate information regarding the student's project and timeline with the third committee member, and to allow the third committee member's schedule to be taken into consideration when scheduling the examination.

Scheduling Examinations:  Please follow the process for scheduling examinations located here.

Graduate Comprehensive Examination Completion Form (Thesis, Research Paper, or Capstone Experience) PDF form

 Graduate Text and Undergrad Supplements

Those teaching graduate courses must provide the required notification to students regarding the textbook(s) you are using for each course. The Higher Education Opportunity Act textbook provision requires disclosure of item that students will be required to purchase for a class at the time of registration. Faculty requesting textbooks for undergraduate courses are in compliance by submitting their textbook requests through textbook services, however because graduate textbooks are not handled by textbook services, many graduate faculty are not currently in compliance with this law. 

Submit the list of materials needed for your course by completing the Graduate Text and Undergrad Supplements Form through textbook services.

Completing this form does not mean that students must or will buy their books from the campus bookstore, bit it does mean that the required items for class will be displayed on the appropriate website to be in compliance with the law. If you choose to buy books through Follett's on campus, you do not need to fill out the textbook services form. 

Student Forms

Advanced Opportunity Program (AOP) Fellowship Application

The Advanced Opportunity Program (AOP) Fellowship is provided by the State of Wisconsin and intended to provide financial support for minority and disadvantaged graduate students allowing them to focus attention on their graduate studies and to complete their degrees in a timely fashion.

Eligibility: A graduate student who is admitted to a degree-seeking graduate program at UW-River Falls and who is a US citizen or permanent resident is eligible to apply for the AOP Fellowship if he/she meets any of the criteria, which have been established by the UW System, included in the application:

The Advanced Opportunity Program (AOP) Fellowship Application is available through Financial Aid Office each spring.  

Appeal to Extend the Seven-Year Time Limit for Completion of Graduate Degree

Form used to request a graduation extension: Appeal to Extend Time Limit.

1. The graduate student will complete the student portion of the form and provide a signature.

2. The graduate student will consult with the appropriate department chair for each class being appealed.

3. The graduate student will obtain the signature and written comments of her/his advisor.

4. The form must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office (104 North Hall).

Enrollment Verification

The Registrar's Office will provide verification of enrollment to insurance companies, lender institutions, or other agencies at your request. More information is available at Enrollment Verification Self Service.

Excess Load Request

The form to request permission to exceed the fulltime course load allowed per semester is located here: Application for Excess Load.

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The external website to submit a free application request for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is located here: Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Graduate Studies Final Examination & Submission

Sample Cover Letters - Thesis | Research Paper

MINDS Submission Process for Students Completing Theses or Research Papers - MINDS Process

Official Transcript

To request an official transcript either order online or visit the Registrar's Office for more options: Requesting Transcripts.

Re-Entry Application for Graduate Students

Used by returning graduate students in good academic standing: If you are a returning graduate student in good academic standing, you may complete a re-entry request form, available here, instead of completing an entirely new graduate student application form. Students who wish to change either their program of study or their status from being a temporary student to the status of a student pursuing either a degree or certificate will need to complete the full graduate online application.

Withdrawal from University

For information about withdrawing from UWRF visit: Withdrawal from University.

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