Getting Started

Timetable for Graduate Students

Your success as a graduate student will partly depend on your ability to complete certain action steps required each term. Here is a helpful overview of the steps you will need to take in the first weeks and the following terms until you reach the end of your graduate student path.

Activate Your Falcon Account

Your Falcon Account will be used for class registration, financial aid, housing, university e-mail, and your student records. You'll need to activate your account online as soon as you are admitted.

Once you've activated your account you can log on to the Electronic Student Information System (eSIS).

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Meet With Your Graduate Adviser

Your graduate program coordinator will assign a graduate faculty member to be your academic adviser. Your adviser will assist you in finalizing your academic plan, selecting electives, and completing your program requirements. 

Your adviser will tell you how to prepare for the written and/or oral examinations as you near the end of your study program. See Graduate Committee.

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Finalize Your Academic Plan

Working with your adviser, you will create your tentative degree plan, listing all of the courses that you will take to complete your degree. Your plan must meet all the minimum requirements for your program of study. See Policies.

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Select Your Degree Plan

You will choose one of the following degree plans to complete your degree requirements:

  • Thesis Plan (Plan A) - a master's thesis for up to four additional credits and an oral examination about the thesis.
  • Research Paper Plan (Plan B) - a research paper based on specified program and an oral exam requirement.
  • Additional Credits Plan (Plan C) - take four additional credits of coursework and an oral or written comprehensive examination given by the department

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Academic and Campus Services

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