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Steps to Graduate

Completing your graduate degree or certificate is a tremendous achievement. While some programs have additional expectations, here are the general requirements you will need to meet to complete your graduate program at UW-River Falls.

Summary of Graduation Requirements
  1. Complete a minimum of 30 credits
  2. Finish in Seven Years
  3. Earn a "B" Average
  4. Pass Your Exams
  5. Request Graduation
Completion of Course Requirements

General course requirements for your program of study are described in the Catalog web pages for your program. However, your individual degree plan that you create with your adviser will also be an important tool to track your progress in completing your degree. Your degree plan is on file in the Registrar's Office.

See also UWRF Grading System and Credits Applied to Plan.

Conducting Your Research

If your degree plan includes a thesis or research paper, you should plan to meet with your adviser to review your topic and research plan.

Before beginning your research, you should review the following university policies to determine if your research protocol requires review.

Forms used to submit your research protocol for review are available at the appropriate web site.

Students should also be familiar with the university's policy on use of copyrighted materials and make a good faith effort to obtain permission from the copyright owner. More information on copyright is available through the Library web site.

Theses and research papers must adhere to guidelines for mandatory submission to MINDS.

Graduate Examinations and Committee Review

A graduate committee will evaluate your thesis or research paper, conduct your oral comprehensive examination, or evaluate your written examination. The committee includes two faculty from your program and a third from a different program.

You will need to schedule a two-hour meeting with your graduate committee at least two weeks before your examination and no later than four weeks before the end of your last term. For an oral examination to be held in the summer, you must make arrangements during the spring semester. For more details, see Scheduling Exams.

Additional Requirements for Teaching Licensure

If your graduate program of study includes either an initial teaching licensure or additional teaching certifications, you will have additional requirements to complete your program. The following links to the College of Education and Professional Studies will provide additional information on these requirements.

For more information, see:

Student Teaching

Teacher Certification Portfolio

Teacher Education Department

Apply For Graduation

For instructions on when and how to apply for graduation, see Applying for Graduation on the Graduate Policy and Procedures page.

Graduate Admissions

Graduate Programs

Graduate Catalog

Additional links are provided on the UWRF Home page for Current Students.

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