First Year Family Blog

Is Your Student Considering Changing Majors?

Two students at New Student Registration

In just two short months, your student will have finished their first year at UW-River Falls. At this point in the academic year, your student may be considering changing their major. Students decide to change their major for many different reasons—perhaps they really enjoyed a new subject in a general education class they took this year. Perhaps they found themselves less engaged than they expected to be in one of their introductory courses of their major. Maybe as they are learning more about careers within their potential field, they are not as excited as they thought they would be. There are many different epiphanies students have throughout college regarding their major and their future career path, and that is generally a good thing!

Sometimes these major changes have the potential to cause some students and family members to panic, begging the question of how much this change will affect their college career. However, what you might not be aware of is how common it is for students to switch their major. Within three years, nearly a third of college students will change their major (NCES, 2018). It is also common for students who change their major to do so more than once. With this understanding, faculty and staff are ready to support your student and ensure they are doing everything they need to do to stay on track to graduate. It is better to change their mind now while they have easy access to resources, faculty, and staff to help them make the best decision and formulate a plan to move forward.

If your student is considering that their major is not the right fit for them but are unsure of how to determine what they may want to do, we highly recommend they take advantage of the various resources Career Services has to offer. Students can take free assessments to help with their major and career exploration, as well as receive help with internship or job applications and interview preparation! Career Services also coordinates events for students to network with future employers and learn more about different professions. Whether your student is confident in their major and future career or not, Career Services is an excellent resource to ensure they are growing professionally and are ready for life after UW-River Falls.