Financial Aid

Viewing and Accepting Your Aid

Viewing Your Financial Aid Award Letter
Once you have completed your FAFSA (and have verified your information, if requested), you will be notified by email that your financial aid at UW-River Falls has been awarded.

  • Go to Types of Aid to get detailed information on each award listed. In general, grants are gift-aid that do not need to be repaid and are accepted on your behalf, while Work Study and loans are self-help aid which you need to accept if you decide you want these awards.
  • Carefully review the Understanding Your Financial Aid Offer guide and view the Application Process. Complete the required actions in order to receive your awards.
  • Your aid package is likely to include a loan. If it does, carefully consider the amount of loan you wish to accept. You can accept less than the amount listed, or you can decline the loan entirely if you can finance your education without it.
  • First time Stafford Loan Borrowers will need to complete the Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note. Please see Processing Your Loans for more information.

Accept or Decline Awards on eSIS

To accept or decline your financial aid awards:

  1. From your eSIS home page (your Student Center), click on View Financial Aid.
  2. Choose the correct aid year.
  3. View your award information for the year and read through the information provided.
  4. Click on Accept/Decline Awards. You need to accept, decrease, or decline the amount of any Work Study and/or loan awards on this page. Click the "Accept" box next to an award if you want the full amount. To decrease the amount, click the "Accept" box and enter your desired lesser amount. Click on the "Decline" box to fully decline the award.
  5. Click Submit when finished. Once you have accepted or declined an award online, the amount cannot be changed without contacting the UW-River Falls Financial Aid Office.


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