Graduate Students

Update on Federal Direct Loan eligibility for graduate students:

The Federal Direct Subsidized Loan will no longer be available to graduate students starting July 2012 as a result of the Budget Control Act passed by Congress. The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan will still be available.
Go to the Types of Aid link below to find more information about the Federal Direct Loan program.

I'm interested in using financial aid for my graduate program. How do I apply?

Application Process

How many credits per semester are required for graduate students to be eligible for financial aid?

4 credits hours of graduate-level courses. Graduate level courses re those with course numbers 600 and above. Undergraduate level courses do not count toward your enrollment load as a graduate student.

Are there deadlines related to financial aid?

Financial Aid Deadlines

What types of financial aid are available for graduate students?

Types of Aid

How do I view my financial aid awards in eSIS and accept the aid I would like to receive?

Viewing and Accepting Your Aid

I have accepted a federal loan in my eSIS. Is there anything else I need to do for that loan to be processed?

Processing Your Loans

How does the financial aid credit my semester bill?

Payments and Disbursements

Can I use financial aid during J-Term, Summer Session, or while studying abroad?

J-Term, Summer, and Study Abroad

What policies and procedures should I be familiar with related to financial aid?

Policies and Procedures

I am about to graduate or leave UW-River Falls. What should I be aware of?

Leaving UW-River Falls