Payments and Disbursements

Payments and Disbursements

Financial aid disbursements
Financial Aid begins disbursing on the 6th day of each semester. This 6th day of each semester is called the Financial Aid census date and is a 'snapshot' of your enrollment at the beginning of that day. Your disbursement and your Pell eligibility are based upon your enrollment at the census date regardless of your enrollment before or after that snapshot. So if you are a financial aid student, it is critical that your financial aid is complete and that you have finalized any course adds/drops before that date.

Financial aid awards are usually divided into two equal payments for fall and spring semesters. You need to become familiar with your eSIS account online to ensure that all funds disburse and are applied to your bill correctly. It is your responsibility to monitor your account to ensure that your bill has been paid or arrangements for payment have been made with the Student Billing Office. Monitor the Billing Statement and Pending Aid areas of your eSIS account regularly, and contact the Financial Aid office if your aid does not disburse when anticipated.

Sign up for Direct Deposit for refunds 
Financial aid will be disbursed directly to UW-River Falls to pay your tuition, fees, housing, dining, and other charges on your account. If your aid and/or payments exceed the amount of your semester bill, a refund of the excess amount will be produced. To receive your refund, you must sign up for Direct Deposit through yuor eSIS after you accept your awards. For directions on how to sign up for Direct Deposit please see the Student Billing Refunds page.


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