Estimate Your Semester Bill

Estimated Charges Per Semester 2023-24

Tuition & Fees
New students (first time students and transfer students) should also include a
New Student Fee of approximately $220 for the first semester of enrollment.
  Wisconsin Resident
Minnesota Resident
Midwest Student
Return to Wisconsin

Your Semester Estimated Tuition & Fees Amounts
  $ __________
Room & Board
  On-campus (double room/all access meal plan)
+ $ __________

Your Semester Estimated Room & Board Amount
Total Estimated Semester Charges billed by UWRF
(add your Tuition & Fees PLUS Room & Board amounts)
= $ __________

Financial Aid Per Semester 2023-24

Financial Aid
  Total amount of loans for semester

Total amount of grants for semester

Total amount of scholarships for semester



Total Semester Financial Aid
  $ __________

Estimated Semester Bill

  Total Estimated Semester Charges

Total Semester Financial Aid

  $ __________

- $ __________
Total Estimated Semester Bill
(Subtract Financial Aid from Estimated Charges)
* If positive, this is the amount you would still owe per semester; if negative,
you would receive a refund after your financial aid disburses.