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Information for Faculty and Instructors Regarding Positive Cases in the Classroom

What happens if a student in my class tests positive?

You will receive an automated notification like this. You will receive a separate notification for each individual in your class who tests positive.

How do I know how long a student was infectious while in my class?

While it is impossible to determine the exact contagious period of an individual, our contact tracers will follow CDC guidelines to determine the period of time when the greatest potential for exposure may have occurred. They will help reach out to the individual's close contacts or will advise the individual on how to inform their close contacts themselves. Factors such as consistent wearing of face coverings and vaccination rates influence whether or not a positive test in a classroom means others in the class were close contacts.

I went to the portal to see the vaccination rate of my section but didn’t find any data. Why?

This information is only included when the class roster is sizable enough to provide anonymity to the vaccinated or unvaccinated group. If your class roster size is too small then that information will be excluded from the notification. 

How will potentially exposed students in my class know if they need to quarantine?

They will be contacted during the contact tracing process if they are considered a close contact who needs to immediately quarantine. If not contacted, students should follow the instructions in your email regarding symptom monitoring and testing.

The student who tested positive in my class never contacted me to let me know that they need to miss class in order to isolate. What should I do?

Contact Student Health Services as soon as possible or email