Construction Updates


The parking resource for Falcon Center will help to improve a long standing perception of too few parking stalls available for UWRF.  The parking study showed a deficit of stalls available and with the trend to push parking from the interior of campus to the exterior, the addition of nearly 400 stalls have been added to the lot at the Falcon Center, making nearly 800 stalls available.  The new parking resource will serve David Smith Stadium and all new and existing Falcon Center buildings.
Also added was a small lot on the north end of the building to accommodate faculty, staff, and guests to some of our outdoor facilities like Softball.  Many trees and vegetated swales were added to the overall parking resource to lessen its impact on the surrounding environment.  A new service road running the southern portion of the site provides an overflow entrance and exit which lessens the impact on the entering and exiting of the new drive also established on the west.

The final portion of parking as well as the establishment of the streetscape just south of the building was completed Summer 2017.