Project Information


Project Description

This project constructs a new 162,300 GSF building for the Health and Human Performance programs, athletics, and student recreation as an addition to the existing Hunt/Knowles complex. The building includes classrooms, a human performance laboratory, a large gymnasium, dance studio, auxiliary gym, offices, locker rooms, training rooms, and other supporting spaces. The project also remodels approximately 14,670 GSF of space in the existing Hunt/Knowles complex. Upon completion of the Falcon Center, the 67,150 GSF Karges Physical Education Center and the 20,484 GSF Emogene Nelson Building (now occupied by HHP) will be demolished.

Current Conditions

  • Limited access to recreational space 2 - 7pm
  • Inadequate fitness center
  • Limited  and inadequate space for fitness/wellness activities
  • Subpar NCAA competition venues
  • Outdated classrooms and learning space
  • Inadequate outdoor adventure center spaces and location
  • Outdated and shared locker room facilities

Proposed Conditions

  • 7 new recreational spaces available
  • New 15,000 sq. ft. fitness center
  • 3 new multipurpose rooms
  • New performance gymnasium and renovated ice arena
  • 3 new classrooms, 1 active learning classroom and 1 state-of-the-art exercise physiology lab
  • New climbing and rental center
  • New dedicated locker rooms for students, faculty/staff and athletic teams


  • 6 spaces will be open from 2 - 7pm
  • State-of-the-art facility and equipment with increased hours
  • Appropriate flooring sound and lighting conducive to fitness/wellness activities
  • Larger competitive gym and new ice arena seating
  • Better suited environment and technology for learning
  • State-of-the-art climbing wall and increased rental center space
  • Increase in private and secure locker rooms with modern amenities


  • Students & faculty/staff have more options during desired workout time of 2 - 7pm
  • Greater fitness/wellness opportunities for the campus community
  • Expanded fitness/wellness activities
  • Improved player and spectator amenities
  • Higher quality education experience
  • Expanded offerings and increased exposure for outdoor adventures programs
  • Increased convenience for all users