Faculty and Staff

Jang, Young Dal

Young Dal Jang

Young Dal Jang

Assistant Professor

Animal and Food Science
Office: 319 Ag Science Building
Phone: 715-425-4385



Ph.D. Swine Nutrition, Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea),
B.S. Animal Science and Biotechnology, Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea).

Courses Taught:

ANSC 151 Introduction to Swine and Poultry Production
ANSC 231 Domestic Animal Nutrition
ANSC 232 Applied Feeds and Feeding
ANSC 485 Senior Seminar

Research Interests:

Sow nutrition to improve reproductive performance
Feed ingredient and additive evaluation to improve performance and health of pigs
Vitamin and mineral nutrition

Professional Activities:

American Society of Animal Science (Member)


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Jang, Y. D., M. D. Lindemann, H. J. Monegue, and J. S. Monegue. 2017. The effect of coated sodium butyrate supplementation in sow and nursery diets on sow reproductive performance and nursery pig performance. Livest. Sci. 195:13-20.

Jang, Y. D., J. Y. Ma, J. S. Monegue, H. J. Monegue, R. L. Stuart, and M. D. Lindemann. 2015. Temporal plasma vitamin concentrations are altered by fat-soluble vitamin administration in suckling pigs. J. Anim. Sci. 93:5273-5282.

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Swine Club (Co-Adviser)
Korean Student Association (Adviser)