Faculty and Staff

Dai, Ruxin

Ruxin Dai

Ruxin Dai

Assistant Professor-College of Business and Economics

Start Year: 2014

Computer Science and Information Systems
Office: 212f South Hall
Phone: 715-425-4818



Ph.D. University of Kentucky, Computer Science, 2014
M.Eng. East China University of Science and Technology, Computer Applied Technology, 2010
B.Eng. Hunan University (China), Computer Science and Technology, 2007

Courses Taught:

Dr. Dai teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses, including Data Structures and Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming, Database Management Systems, Software Engineering, Programming II, and Programming I.

Research Interests:

Dr. Dai primary research area is computational science, particularly in developing high performance numerical methods for solving partial differential equations.  Dr. Dai is also interested in computer modeling and simulation, data mining and information security.



Dai, R. (2016). High Performance Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

Journal Articles 

Dai, R., Lin, P. (2018). Analysis on Sixth-Order Compact Approximations with Richardson Extrapolation for 2D Poisson Equation. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 6, 1139-1159.

Lin, P., Dai, R., Contreras, M. A., Zhang, J. (2017). Combining ant colony optimization with 1-opt local search method for solving constrained forest transportation planning problems. Artificial Intelligence Research, 6(2), 27-38.

Dai, R., Lin, P., Zhang, J. (2017). An efficient sixth-order solution for anisotropic Poisson equation with completed Richardson extrapolation and multiscale multigrid method. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 73(8), 1865-1877.

Lin, P., Contreras, M., Dai, R., Zhang, J. (2016). A multilevel ACO approach for solving forest transportation planning problems with environmental constraints. Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, 28, 78-87.

Dai, R., Zhang, J., Wang, Y. (2015). Higher Order ADI Method with Completed Richardson Extrapolation for Solving Unsteady Convection-Diffusion Equations. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 71(1), 431-442.

Wang, X., Zhang, J., Dai, R. (2015). Automated Dimension Determination for NMF-based Incremental Collaborative Filtering. EAI Endorsed Transactions on Collaborative Computing, 1(5), 13.

Wang, Y., Su, Y., Dai, R., Zhang, J. (2014). A 15 Point High Order Compact Scheme with Multigrid Computation for Solving 3D Convection Diffusion Equations. International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 92(2), 411-423.

Dai, R., Zhang, J., Wang, Y. (2014). Multiple Coarse Grid Acceleration for Multiscale Multigrid Computation. Journal of Computational Applied Mathematics, 269, 75-85.