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GREAT Falcon STEM Fellows (GFSF)


The GREAT Falcon STEM Fellow (GFSF) program is a key element in a five-year NSF-funded grant designed to increase the number of STEM graduates at UWRF. This program is specifically tied to "Action 1" of the grant that involves the implementation of "active-learning, student-centered pedagogy." The purpose of this program is to increase the use of proven active teaching pedagogies (e.g., Flipped Classroom, Team-based Learning, Peer Instruction, Studio Physics, Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning – POGIL) in STEM courses. Successful applications will articulate essential course content goals and proposed pedagogical changes surrounding those goals. Faculty should be able to convey that they are interested in change and what types of change they are considering. Small but significant changes are preferable to an entire overhaul of a course.   

STEM Fellows will work closely with STEM Mentors during Spring and Summer in the development of active-learning strategies for one of their course offering in Fall. STEM Fellows will then connect with the next cohort of STEM Fellows and will serve as their STEM Mentor. STEM Fellows will also present a description of their efforts at a campus wide event like the URSCA Gala. 

Who Can Participate?

Instructional Academic Staff (must have been at UWRF for at least 3 years) or any Tenured or Tenure-track Faculty member who teach one of the following STEM "gate-way" courses are eligible: BIOL 150, 160, 210, 230, 240, CHEM 120, 121, 122, 130, 231, 232, 233, 240. ESM 105, 220, GEOL 101, 150, 230, 231, 269, MATH 147, 149, 166, 167, 236, 256, 266, PHYS 121, 122, 131, 132, 264.

Participation and selection of participants is at the discretion of individual departments, programs, and/or colleges.


Each participant will receive a payment of $900 to support development of the course during the summer months and another payment of $900 during the semester of implementation. All funding is provided via the GREAT Falcon: STEM STEP grant.

STEM Fellows Timeline


STEM faculty will have the opportunity to apply to become a "STEM Fellow" each Fall term- applications will focus on adopting a specific student-centered pedagogy in an introductory STEM course from the application list. The course change should occur the Fall term in the next academic year after becoming a fellow (exceptions will be considered for Spring courses).


 4-5 STEM Fellows will be chosen by the UWRF Faculty-Academic Staff Development Board


STEM faculty fellows are asked to attend 2-3 sessions in each of the Fall and Spring terms prior to their modified course teaching experience. Newly selected STEM Fellows will:

  • meet with STEM Mentors to explore pedagogical models in different disciplines (e.g., POGIL; flipped-classroom; early research experiences; studio class)
  • connect with current STEM fellows implementing changes in their classrooms as well as other faculty on campus currently using the pedagogy of interest.
  • explore rationale, concerns, literature, and classroom examples of the STEM Fellows proposed student-centered pedagogy changes.
  • meet with Excellence in Teaching and Learning Series (ETL) faculty to think about and explore assessment ideas for monitoring their proposed classroom changes.

June - August

Over the summer, STEM Fellows will build off of these mentoring and development experiences to revise their initial plans to include more detailed lesson descriptions, implementation plans, and assessment as appropriate for their classroom needs.  Near the end of the summer, the STEM Fellows and Faculty Mentors will meet to share revised plans. This work will be supported by a $900 stipend.


STEM Fellows will teach their revised courses in the Fall. They will also meet with the newly awarded STEM Fellows to help facilitate a community of sharing best practices and mentoring. Upon conclusion of the fall term, the STEM Fellows will share one last reflection on their experiences. This work will be supported by a second $900 stipend.


Although it is not a requirement, we strongly encourage faculty to present their work to a broader audience as appropriate for their disciplines. One such event could be the annual UW Women & Science Conference on Teaching and Learning.

View Application - Due: October 13, 2017

**NOTE: This form does not properly display in all web browsers. Right mouse clink on the link and choose "save link as". Choose to download the form to your desktop. Next, visit your desktop and open the PDF from that location.

Applications must be submitted in electronic format after the necessary signatures are obtained.  A scanned copy must be attached to an e-mail and sent to FASDB by 4:30 p.m. on the due date.  The e-mail subject line must include the grant title and last name of the applicant (example: STEM-Eckwall).

Applications that are not submitted following these directions will not be considered.

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