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Expense and Travel Guidelines

Faculty and staff must be currently employed both at the time of the grant application/award nomination and during the period when the award is used.


  • You are responsible to read and understand the UW Travel Policies
  • Please submit expenses to the account provided on your award letter.
    You may submit one E-Reimbursement for multiple awards, but be sure to address funding to the correct account.
  • Only expenses that fall within the award guidelines and awarded amount will be approved.
    Please keep track of your balance. If you have questions on your balance, please email  Academic Affairs Program Assistance will contact you about your award balances periodically.
  • By May 15th, send an email to explaining expenses that cannot be paid until after June 15th and confirm that you will be using the balance of your grant.
    • When approval is given, please submit your first expense report for any prepaid expenses as soon as they occur. eg: airfare, hotel, registration.
    • After conclusion of your travel, submit your second expense report for expenses up to the balance of the award.
  • If you are not using your award or not using the full amount, please email
    This allows for the funds to go to someone not awarded due to funding.
  • It is up to you to make sure the expenses are expensed to your award.


Our preference, and accounting’s, is for you to use the E-reimbursement process, so please read the travel policies and procedures. If you need assistance, please contact UWRF Accounting Services to assist you.

  • E-Reimbursements are to be requested within one month after the event.
    Best practice is to submit your E-Reimbursements as early as you can after your return. It is suggested to submit your ER within two weeks after your event. This allows the expense to be processed through those that need to review and approve the ER.
  • Events in May/June and the award was given for the current fiscal year, the ER needs to follow the accounting’s deadline dates. See their website for dates.
  • If your event is after June 5, and you have airfare or a registration, please process those expenses before your event. After your event, submit another ER for the other expenses up to award amount.
  • Attach your award letter separately to your ER attachments.
    If the award letter isn’t one of the documents, the ER may be returned to you.
  • Academic Affairs will approve the portion that uses our funding and within the award amount.
    After approval, the expense report goes to the auditor at System. At times the auditor will need more information. Once that information is given, the process starts over. Please be aware of this process when submitting an expense report at the end of the award fiscal year.


When an E-reimbursement doesn’t happen, a transfer of expenses from your account to the award account listed in the award letter.

  • Once the expense is posted to your account, the transfer of expenses should happen within any guidelines listed in the award letter.
  • The request is you or your department’s responsibility to initiate with accounting services.
    • Only transfer up to the balance of the award. Overages will be denied.
    • If the expense exceeds the awarded amount, state in the request to accounting services to only transfer X amount of dollars. (ie: Award was for $1000 but expenses were $1,200, only request $1,000 to be transferred. Accounting will determine which expenses will be appropriately transferred.)
    • Request Accounting Services to reference your last name. eg: RE:SMITH
  • Transfers need to be requested within the same guidelines of an E-reimbursement (see above).
  • You must include when a transfer request is made.

Direct Pay to the Account (P-card, Fast Copy, Invoice, DoTs purchase, etc.)

For situations below, you are required to inform

  • If you direct an invoice or purchase to the account on your award letter
  • If you reallocate a p-card purchase to the account on your award letter
  • If you purchase item(s) from FAST COPY, please email the order
  • If you purchase item(s) from DoTs, please send the information of the purchase

Printable Guide

Travel Information

You are to follow the set travel policies:

University Travel Policy

US Bank Corporate Travel Card Request


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