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Spring 2015

Participants in the Experience China program enroll in a minimum of 12 credits offered in a module format. In this format, courses are taught one at a time in three-week blocks. You'll enroll in only one course per module. The descriptions provided below indicate the module the course will be offered. The required China: From Ancient Culture to a Modern Global Force meets at various times throughout the semester, and the optional Mandarin course will meet two evenings each week to best facilitate language learning. More specific dates for the spring 2015 program, and specific courses within the program can be found on our calendars page. 

Course and Textbook

MODULE ONE: China: Society & Cultural Immersion/3 cr.
This course will explore topics related to intercultural communication, incrementally building a broad foundation of exposure, awareness and understanding of culture, in general, and specifically Chinese daily life, that will serve as a platform for further exploration and learning about China and global citizenship.

Cooper, P. J., Calloway-Thomas & Simonds, C.J., (2007)
Intercultural Communication: A Text with Readings
Allyn & Bacon
ISBN: 0205579469          ISBN 13: 9780205579464

Wenzhong, H., Hu, W., Grove, C.L, & Zhuang, E. (2010)
Encountering the Chinese: A Cultural Guide to the People's Republic (3rd edition)
ISBN: 1931930996          ISBN 13: 9781931930994      
       *available as an e-book

UW-River Falls: EXC 205/3 cr./GP


UW-Superior: ANTH 301/3 cr.

MODULE TWO: China: From Ancient Culture to a Modern Global Force/3 cr.
This course will utilize an interdisciplinary approach to build a deeper understanding of China as an ancient country and a modern day geopolitical and economic force by understanding its history, geography, government & politics, ethnic compositions, arts, and more.

Fishman, T.C. (2006)
China, Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World
ISBN: 0743257359          ISBN 13: 9780743257350

UW-River Falls: EXC 310/3 cr./MD

UW-Stout: HIST 360/3 cr.

UW-Superior: HIST 389/3 cr.

MODULE THREE (Optional): Mandarin Language Course/4 cr.
The Mandarin language course is a highly recommended component of the Experience China program. Instructors at Zhejiang International Studies University will tailor language instruction to fit your needs - from beginner to intermediate.


UW-River Falls: MODL 377/4 cr.

UW-Stout: CHIN Elective

UW-Superior: CHIN 101

MODULE FOUR: Intercultural Communication/Gordon Graham (Normandale Community College)/3 cr.
This course is designed to raise awareness of cultural values, beliefs and norms and specifically addresses how culture affects communication choices on the interpersonal, group, cross-cultural and global levels. Issues of race, ethnicity, class, gender, religion, etc. will be addressed. 


Normandale Community College: COMM 1131/3 cr.

UW-River Falls: COMS 213/3 cr./AD

MODULE FIVE: Interpersonal Communication/Gordon Graham (Normandale Community College)/3 cr.
The primary purpose of this course is to assist the student in examining and developing their competence as an interpersonal communicator in different relationships and in various communication contexts in any one relationship. Cognitive, behavioral and affective interpersonal skills will be explored.


Normandale Community College: COMM 1111/3 cr.

UW-River Falls: COMS 106/3 cr.

MODULE FIVE: Activities in Mathematics/Jerome Caldwell (UW-River Falls)/3 cr.
A survey in breadth rather than depth of a variety of mathematical topics. While emphasis is on the spirit, concepts and structure of modern mathematics, manipulative skills and techniques are also developed. Prerequisite: WPT Math Formula score of 40+, ACT Math score of 20+, or Math 30.


UW-River Falls: MATH 126/Activities in Math/3 cr.

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