China mapWhere Exactly Am I Going?

the Experience China program takes you to Hangzhou, a beautiful city in the Zhejiang Province of China. Hangzhou and the surrounding region provide an ideal environment for educational programs. Marco Polo described the city as "the most beautiful and splendid city in the world". Hangzhou is home to the famous West Lake as well as innumerable museums and cultural offerings. A high speed rail line connects Hangzhou to Shanghai allowing ExC participants to easily travel to this bustling city.


  • Hangzhou is a city of canals. This one is near Zhejiang International Studies University where you will be living.
  •  Hangzhou is a modern and cosmopolitan city. You can expect to find some familiar shops lining its streets.
  • Hangzhou is also a wonderfully historic city. You will enjoy its markets dedicated to such Hangzhou specialties as tea and silk.
  • These magnificent temples lie on the banks of Hangzhou's West Lake.
  •  West Lake is a beautiful oasis in the center of Hangzhou, and just minutes from where you will be living.
  • Shanghai is about an hour from Hangzhou by train.