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On December 2, 2009, the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences at UWRF signed a long-term partnership with Case IH, a global leader in agricultural equipment and precision farming technologies with headquarters in Racine, WI, and a network of distributors in more than 160 countries.

As quoted by UWRF University Communications, "We are excited to partner with the University of Wisconsin-River Falls," says Jeff Schmaling, senior director of accounts management for Case IH. "UWRF has two laboratory and teaching farms close to campus, offers the only ag engineering technology major in the state and is a leading academic option for studying sustainable agriculture. We see many opportunities to join forces on research and community outreach initiatives." Read more here

Fall 2014 Commencement Service Award
Congratulations to Case IH, the recipient of the 2014 UW-River Falls Outstanding Service Award. UW-River Falls, and especially the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, is grateful for Case IH's generous support and commitment to UWRF and its students.

Case IH Educational Tour - Spring 2013

In the spring of 2013, students in the Agricultural Engineering Technology department participated in an educational tour of the Case IH facility in Racine, WI. Read about their experiences and see photos of the trip below.


MarkSerier_CaseIHTourMark Serier

Hometown: Baldwin, WI
Agricultural Engineering Technology

As a student, my most memorable experience on the Case IH tour was seeing the real-world applications for things we are learning in class. Being able to pick out things from almost every class I have taken is a reassuraing feeling when the search for a full-time job begins.


LucasMartin_CaseIHTourLucas Martin

Hometown: Albertville, MN
Agricultural Engineering Technology

My most memorable experience was seeing the amount of time Case IH spends designing and testing every little thing on their equipment. the amount of time that goes into every aspect of their products is very impressive. I also found it interesting that because they design and test everything they have multiple people working and many positions that are available for the future. This trip better prepared me for the real world and what the engineers for Case IH do on a daily basis.


AlexanderYost_CaseIHTourAlexander Yost

Hometown: Omro, WI
Agricultural Engineering Technology

The most memorable thing I learned on the trip was the vast opportunities and possible employment options at Case IH; also I was amazed at the amount of manufacturing still done at Racine, WI.


TimWayne_CaseIHTourTim Wayne

Hometown: Plum City, WI
Agricultural Engineering Technology

My most memorable experience from the Case IH trip was seeing the virtual reality room. In this room they could take the computer drawings of the new tractor and see it as if the tractor was actually there. This program saves the company thousands of dollars when designing a new tractor by being able to see the prototype tractor and make changes before it is made into an actual tractor. They also have the ability to see how easy it is to service different parts of the tractor and they are able to see where the wind would blow coming out of the radiator to make sure it doesn't blow on the cab.

web_Spirit of 76

Case Spirit of '76
This very rare Spirit of '76 tractor is in the tractor museum at Burr Ridge. It is completely original and only has a few hours on it. It was really interesting to see these tractors frozen in time and how they looked when they drove off the assembly line.

web_Racine - Transmission

Transmission of the Case-IH 600
This is a picture of a transmission for the Case-IH 600 tractor. They use this at the Racine Training Center to help teach mechanics and dealers about the tractors, new technology, and how everything works on the machine.

Case IH News
Nov 23, 2009 News Release
Dec 2, 2009 News Release
March 1, 2010 News Release

Case IH equipment is used in several classes, including
AGEN 320 Internal Combustion Engines
AGEN 361 Machinery and Power Mechanics
AGEN 363 Precision Ag Technology

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