Agricultural Engineering

Career Success

An exciting future in agricultural engineering can include graduate school or work as a professional engineer. Take a look at what our first agricultural engineering graduate from May 2019 is doing now!

Lindsey Murry 2019
Lindsey Murry

Graduation Year: 2019
Major/Minor: Agricultural Engineering
Position Title: Graduate Student (Research Assistant)
Graduate School: Iowa State University

Following graduation, I started graduate school at Iowa State University in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering as a PhD candidate. I am currently working as a research assistant there. My research deals with nitrate removal from agricultural drainage waters using an edge-of-field treatment called denitrification bioreactors.

The professors and faculty at UWRF impacted me the most during my college experience. Coming in as a freshman, graduate school was not even remotely on my radar. Through the support of the faculty and professors at UWRF, I learned about all the opportunities and career paths that I had. With the support of my family and professors, I was able to navigate myself to where I am now. Without them, I would not be where I am today.

The rigorous courses as well as undergraduate research opportunities have helped to prepare me for this next chapter. Again, the guidance of the professors in coursework, research, and the transition to graduate school have also helped greatly to prepare me for after graduation.

Ultimately, my professional goals include earning my PhD in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. After that, I would like to work with producers through extension work, as well as possibly teach at a university. I would like to be able to impact and inspire others just like I was during my time at UWRF.