Options For Meal Plan Dining

Riverside Commons

Riverside Commons is an all-you-care-to-eat venue which offers a variety of menu options each day in a buffet style setting.  Riverside Commons is the primary dining facility for meal plan participants and offers continuous dining throughout the day.  This is a dine-in facility only; there are no to-go boxes or transfer meals out of this venue. 

Transfer Meals 

Transfer meals are provided as an option to eating in Riverside Commons. Transfer options are restricted to the designated hours, locations and venues identified in the hours of operation for meal plan venues. This program is designed to provide students with a convenient grab and go alternative to Riverside Commons. Transfer meals provide a bundled meal option including an entree, side and beverage, but do not permit unlimited selection from the entire menu.

Freddy 2Go Program

The Freddy 2Go Program allows meal plan participants to take meals "to go" from Riverside Commons Monday through Friday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The reusable 2Go container will provide an option for those students with busy schedules who don't have the time between classes, work or other commitments to eat at Riverside Commons.  By providing a non-disposable option, University Dining Services and Sodexo continue to pursue our commitment to improving our sustainability initiatives.

All-Campus Events/Picnics

There are several all-campus events a year that are co-sponsored by Dining Services and included in your meal plan. This allows you to use your meal plan to enjoy the events and food, such as the Week of Welcome picnic, the Chancellor's Late Night Breakfast, the Falcon 'Fair'-well and more!
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Guest Meals

Weekly Plans include 5 Guest Meals for the term, whereas Block Plans allow unlimited use of meals for a guest if so desired. Guest meals may only be used in Riverside Commons (or for transfer meals) in the company of the meal plan participant and may not be used for Premium meals. Guest meals may be used at all-campus picnics where the events serve as the primary dining option for meal plan participants. Guest Meals expire at the end of each term.

Sack Meals

Sack meals may be arranged when meal times conflict with your class schedule, work, or other campus activities. To participate in the sack meal program, you are required to complete the Sack Meal Request Form. The form must be submitted no later than the day prior to the intended missed meal. Sack meals are discontinued if you fail to pick up the meal two consecutive times without proper notification. Sack meal request forms are available at the cashier stations at Riverside Commons.

Isolation Meal Box

Not feeling well?  Have influenza like symptoms?  Complete our Isolation Meal request form and we will have your meals brought to you!

Isolation Meal boxes are available to on-campus students enrolled in a meal plan. An Isolation Meal Box is a box of food and beverage items intended to provide the equivalent of three meals of food and beverage to an individual with flu-like symptoms. For each Isolation Meal Box Request Form submitted, Dining Services will provide one delivery per person, per day and three meals will be deducted from your meal plan.

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