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About the Programs


DGEV offers a variety of programs to a variety of learners. Here is a snapshot of what is currently being offered.




  •  Kindergarten classes from the greater Daegu area send their students to DGEV for regular day-long field trips throughout the academic year. The students tend to visit once a month or once every two months. This program follows a two-year curriculum and includes age-appropriate activities that draw on movement, art and music.


                                                                                                      Art Room


  • Schools from the greater Daegu area send classes to spend anywhere from a single day to five days and four nights (5D/4N) at the Village, although the majority of schools do opt for the 5D/4N program. Students range from grade one through grade six, with about eighty percent of the students in grade five. The programs includes approximately fifteen hours of situational classes and fifteen hours of intensive ESL classes.
  • The Village is also proud to also offer the 'Dream Step' program as a sub-set of the 5D/4N program. This program affords students in grades four, five and six a chance to study at DGEV with government subsidy.   
  • Fifth grade classes often come to the Village specifically to participate in the Explore the World program, which blends the regular 5D/4N program with instruction in academic subjects from the regular Korean curriculum for the month in question (including English, Art, Music, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Math). This program provides a great opportunity for teachers to be involved in content teaching.   
  • While at the Village, all elementary students are also given the opportunity to experience two pre-recorded cyber classes, using the Village's language learning lab.
  • Fun English Bus is a moblie classroom out reach program that generally serves rural areas.

Fun English Bus

Middle school

  • Schools are increasingly sending classes from grades seven, eight and nine to the Village for short-duration programs, usually lasting five days and four nights (5D/4N). The Village is excited to be expanding both its curricula and its offering to these age groups.

High school

  • Schools often send grade ten, eleven and twelve classes to DGEV for 5D/4N programs. At this level, the program is a hybrid of the situational classes offered for younger learners and more academic elements that will prepare them for further study and work.
  •  The Village also offers courses aimed specifically at preparing high school students for a newly-introduced national English examination.


  • In some instances, post-secondary students visit the Village to participate in a tailor-made 5D/4N program.
  • DGEV also runs specific English conversation programs for students studying particular disciplines (such as tourism and general business).
  • DGEV also runs a two-year content-based program for Yeungjin University students interested in studying at Purdue University. The focus of this program is Economics, Mathematics, and subjects related to Business Administration and Management.
  • Finally, through a partnership between Yeungjin University and a university in Japan, a group consisting of both Korean and Japanese students comes to the Village to study English on an annual basis. It is hoped that more multi-national groups will be in a position to study together at DGEV in the future.


  • A 'Business English' program offers public officers and members of the business community an opportunity to participate in tailor-made 5D/4N programs at the Village. Instruction is intensive in nature and focuses on teaching general Westernized business skills in situational classroom settings.

Programs offered during 'Intensives'

The first three weeks of January and md-July to mid-August are known as the 'intensives' period at DGEV. These are periods when Korean schools are not in session, and many students and teachers are free to come to the Village to practice their English. Four programs are generally run concurrently during these periods:

1. The English as a Second Language (ESL) program: This program entails  elementary and middle school students spending a full three weeks in residence at the Village. Participants study a total of thirty hours per week, following a curriculum that includes both intensive and situational class hours.

2. The Teaching English in English (TEE) program: The TEE program is designed for Korean elementary school teachers who wish to both hone their English skills and broaden their teaching tool kits.

3. The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program: The TESOL program goes a step beyond the TEE program, offering teachers a chance to improve their pedagogical knowledge and skills over the course of a full three weeks.

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