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Things To Keep In Mind

Learning Support

There are hundreds of courses at UWRF. Nearly all of them explore their subjects at a brisk pace. This happens through lectures, textbooks, and various assignments. The staff at the Disability Resource Center do not provide support on lessons because they don't attend the lectures or read the textbooks. Free tutors are available to all students through the Academic Success Center. The staff explain this to students.

Difficult Courses

College courses can go for many weeks without tests or assignments. This means there are actually few tests or assignments, but those that do occur usually count heavily. Students should be studying on a daily basis; there is simply too much information to learn by studying only a day or two before the tests. Similarly, students should start and continue to work on assignments well before their due dates. The staff at the Disability Resource Center are available to explain these matters to students, but students need to be self motivated.

Problem Solving

A student's experience with an accommodation and course is largely a private matter. If a problem arises it can be quite difficult for anyone else to notice. Because a course usually moves along at a rapid rate, each student is expected to immediately notify a staff member about any problem. The staff will then give prompt attention to the matter. If a student waits to report a problem until it's already causing significant difficulty in a course, it may be too late to prevent the problem from having a lasting impact on the student's achievement in that course.

Medical Support

The Disability Resource Center strives to provide excellent services, but the staff are not experts on a wide range of medical, physical, or brain related issues. The staff can't monitor health situations or attempt to provide expert advice on those issues. There are some free health services at the M Health Fairview Clinic-River Falls. Contact Student Health and Counseling Services for more information.

Other Support

The staff at the Disability Resource Center specialize in arranging accommodations. They do not attempt to duplicate services that are already available from other UWRF offices. For instance, the staff do not attempt to advise students on selecting courses, help find money for college, or provide personal counseling. This is because other UWRF offices are able to provide expert support on those matters. Students can approach the Disability Resource Center for friendly support on virtually anything, but the staff may need to refer them elsewhere for the best solutions.

Equal Access for Students

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