Conference Planning

Once your date(s) and room(s) are reserved, click through the following topics to assist in your planning.

Room Set Ups
  • How should the room(s) be set up (i.e. round tables, classroom style, theater style,etc.)?
  • What seating capacity is needed in the room(s)?
  • Are coat racks needed?      
  • Is an additional table(s) needed for book signings, awards, etc.?        
  • Is a table(s) needed for registration? 
  • Should the table(s) be clothed and skirted?
  • Will there be pipe and drape or a backdrop in the room(s)?
  • How many presenters will there be?
  • What room(s) will presenters be in?
  • Should the presenters be elevated on a stage?Do presenters need access to an LCD projector and screen?
  • Do presenters need special technology?
  • Do presenters need easels, flip charts, or white boards?
  • Do presenters prefer wired, handheld, or lapel microphones?
  • Do presenters plan to use Skype during their presentation?
  • Are presenters bringing a laptop (if so, what kind?) or will they use a facility provided PC?
  • Do presenters need wireless internet access?
  • Where will the vendors be located?
  • What time will vendors be setting up?
  • Do the vendor tables need to be clothed and skirted?
  • Do vendors need access to electricity or wireless internet?
  • Do vendors need carts for hauling items from their vehicle to their table?
  • Do vendors need access to a freight elevator for transporting large items?
  • Will there be live music or a live performer?  If so, when, where, and what is their arrival time and load in needs?
  • Will recorded music be played?  If so, will it be from a DVD, CD, iPod, or the XM House Sound?
  • Is special lighting needed?
  • Are there any special audio/visual equipment needs?
  • Is a dance floor needed?
  • What meals will be offered?
  • Will there be refreshment breaks or a social hour?
  • Will alcohol be served?  Hosted or cash bar?
  • Will meals be served or buffet style?
  • Will there be any other food arrangements, such as cafeteria or retail dining?
  • What time will the conference organizers arrive?
  • What time will presenters and attendees arrive?
  • How will the conference flow throughout the day?
  • Has a final schedule been provided to the Facilities Coordinator?
  • How many vehicles will need parking on campus? (Don't forget about presenters, vendors, and conference organizers.)
  • How will parking permits and directions be distributed?
  • How will guests find their designated parking location?
  • Will there be a parking attendant(s)?
  • Will shuttle service be provided?
  • Will conference organizers, presenters, vendors, or attendees need access to a copier, printer, or fax machine?
  • Will attendees need wireless internet access?
  • Will sign holders be needed for directional signage?
  • Who is the on-site, day-of contact person from your organization?




Print the conference planning checklist.

Technology Assistance

A black house phone is available in every meeting room.  Just dial "O" for assistance.

Alcohol Service

Review the alcohol beverage service policy.

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