Liberal Arts Courses

Liberal Arts: Natural Sciences and Math

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division

Biology (BIOL)
253 Human Biology
307 Human Heredity
344 Wildlife Biology

Chemistry (CHEM)
220 Chemistry of Life

Environmental Science Management (ESM)
220 Environmental Sustainability

Geography (GEOG)
316 The Physical Environment of Urban Areas

Geology (GEOL)
202 Oceanography
305 Geology of the Planets
330 Meteorology

Mathematics (MATH)
216 Elementary Statistical Concepts

Physics (PHYS)
220 Science of Light
318 Astrophysics
321 Science of Sound
350 Science and Art

Sociology (SOCI)
250 Introduction to Social Statistics


Students may substitute advanced courses in sciences and mathematics within the distribution requirement by petition of the department and with approval of the Dean, College of Arts and Sciences.