School Psychology Ed S

Degree Requirements for Educational Specialist

Required Courses, 31 credits:
SPSY 721 Autism Spectrum Disorders, 1 credit
SPSY 740 Legal and Ethical Issues in School Psychology, 3 credits
SPSY 769 Psychoeducational Consultation, 3 credits
SPSY 771 Practicum I, 4 credits
SPSY 772 Practicum II, 4 credits
SPSY 775 Internship in School Psychology I, 5 credits
SPSY 776 Internship in School Psychology II, 5 credits
SPSY 785 Seminar in School Psychology
SPSY 796 Directed Research - Statistics and Data Analysis, 2 credit
SPSY 797 Directed Research - Final Manuscript, 1 credit

Additional Optional Courses
SPSY 785 Seminar in School Psychology, 3 credits
SPSY 798 Independent Research, 3 credits

The Education Specialist degree is awarded upon completion of the Master of Science in Education 35-credit curriculum (above) and the following 31 additional credits for a total of 66 credits,  and passing the National School Psychology Certification Examination, which is administered by the Educational Testing Service three times per year. The current passing score, adopted by the UWRF School Psychology program, is 165. The examination should be taken during the practicum year.

Additional Program Information

A test usage fee (maximum of $100) is associated with certain assessment courses (SPSY 745 and 746).

Wisconsin and Minnesota require that applicants for teacher certification, including school psychology, submit fingerprints with the certification application. In addition, criminal background checks are required.

Completion of a certification portfolio as specified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instructionlink.