Degree Requirements

Professional Development Learning Community, MSE

Program Curriculum

You will take all classes as a cohort and complete your 30-credit degree in five, six-credit terms. Classes meet on weekends and evenings with online coursework.

TED 751 Learning in Community: Collaboration, Inquiry and Reflection, 4 credits
TED 752 Introduction to Educational Research, 2 credits
TED 753 Cultivating Social Justice and Equity, 3 credits
TED 754 The Learner: Knowledge Construction and Meeting the Unique Needs of Learners, 3 credits
TED 756 Educational Action Research: Methods and Practice, 3 credits
TED 757 The Learning Process: Construction of Effective Learning Environments, 3 credits
TED 767 Independent Experiential Learning Seminar, 3 credits
TED 769 The Profession: Current Trends and the Teacher-Leader, 3 credits
TED 792 Professional Development Capstone Seminar, 3 credits
TED 793 Capstone Experience, 3 credits

Although it is not imperative that you are actively teaching, you must have access to an academic workplace to apply the curriculum and conduct research. Students who have previous graduate credits may request that these courses be applied toward the elective credits.

College of Education and Professional Studies

Department of Teacher Education

Elizabeth Janey, Director

Pamela Bowen, Program Manager