Degree Requirements

Law Enforcement Bachelor of Applied Science

Bachelor of Applied Science: 120 credits of which 60 credit hours must be at UW-River Falls

General Education/University Electives: 29-30 credit hours

Law Enforcement

(30 Credit Hours)

SOCI 200 Sociological Inquiry 3 cr.
SOCI 201 Theories of Sociology 3 cr.
SOCI 250 Introduction to Social Statistics 3 cr.
SOCI 300 Research Methods 3 cr.

SOCI 210 Social Problems
or SOCI 218 Deviant Behavior 3 cr.

SOCI 321 Power and Inequality
or SOCI 326 Sociology of Gender Roles
or SOCI 328 Perspectives on Race Relations 3 cr.

SOCI 241 Social Psychology
or SOCI 341 Sociology of Later Life
or SOCI 342 Sociology of Family 3 cr.

SOCI 411 Seminar in Culture and Community
or SOCI 421 Diversity Seminar
or SOCI 431 Seminar in Globalization
or SOCI 441 Seminar in Life Course 3 cr.

CJ 322 Criminology 3 cr.

CJ 310 Gangs in the United States
or CJ 360 White Collar Crime
or CJ 389 Race and Crime 3 cr.


Pam Bowen
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