English Language Arts Minor

English Language Arts Minor

Minor Requirements 24 Total Credits
Area 1: Writing (choose one of the following) 3 cr. hrs.
ENGL 251 Advanced Composition 3 cr.
ENGL 262 Creative Writing 3 cr.

Area 2: Reading and Interpretation 12 cr. hrs.
ENGL 106 Introduction to Literature: Fiction, Poetry, Drama 3 cr.
ENGL 233 Introduction to Poetry 3 cr.
ENGL 331 Survey of English Literature I 3 cr.
ENGL 355 Literature-Based Reading Methods for Adolescents 3 cr.

Area 3: Language and Composition 9 cr. hrs.
ENGL 220 Structure of English 3 cr.
ENGL 322 Acquisition of Language 3 cr.
ENGL 361 Composition Theory 3 cr.

Required Supporting Courses:
ENGL 250 Children's Literature 3 cr.
TED 310 Techniques in Elementary Education: Language Arts 4 cr.
TED 316 Developmental Reading 4 cr.
TED 317 Reading Practicum 4 cr.

This minor must be done with an education major.

Department of English

245 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Marshall Toman-Chair, Greta Gaard, Annette Klemp, Steven Luebke, Mialisa Moline, Michelle Parkinson, Vladimir Pavlov, Joseph Rein, Catherine Ross-Stroud, Elizabeth Schneider-Rebozo,Douglas Margolis