Degree Requirements

Earth Science Teacher Certification

Earth Science Certification Option - Secondary Education

This sequence of courses will provide Teacher Certification in Earth Science in grades 6-12. The following courses are required. MATH 146 should be taken. Consult with Geology faculty for changes.

Professional Courses 36-39 cr. hrs.

TED 120 Introduction to Education and Instructional Technology 3 cr.
TED 212 Educational Psychology: Middle and Secondary Education 5 cr.
TED 414 Development of the Transescent (writing intensive) 3 cr.
TED 420 School and Society 3 cr.
TED 422 Content Area Literacy in Middle and Secondary Schools 3 cr.
TED 423 Writing, Speaking, and Listening in the Content Area 3 cr.
TED 434 Techniques of Middle/Secondary Education: Science 3 cr.
TED 473 Student Teaching: Middle Level 1-6 cr.
TED 474 Student Teaching: Secondary 1-12 cr.
SPED 330 The Exceptional Child 3 cr.
COUN 310 Counseling Skills for Teachers 2 cr.
COUN 410 Introduction to Counseling 3 cr.

Earth Science Courses 42 cr. hrs.

GEOL 102 Introductory Geology Lab 1 cr.
GEOL 150 Historical Geology 4 cr.
GEOL 202 Oceanography 2 cr.
GEOL 230 Mineralogy 4 cr.
GEOL 327 Geomorphology and Glacial Geology (writing intensive) 4 cr.
GEOL 305 Geology of the Planets 2 cr.
GEOL 330 Meteorology 2 cr.
GEOL 450 Paleontology (writing intensive) 4 cr.
CHEM 121 General Chemistry I 5 cr.
CHEM 110 Introduction to General Chemistry 6 cr.
PHYS 117 Introductory Astronomy 3 cr.
PHYS 151 General Physics I 4 cr.
PHYS 156 General Physics Laboratory I 1 cr.
BIOL 150 General Biology 150
ESM 360 Applied Hydrology and Water Quality 4 cr.

Department of Plant and Earth Science

324 Agricultural Science
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Donavon H. Taylor-Chair, William A. Anderson, William S. Cordua, Dennis R. Cosgrove, Holly A.S. Dolliver, Terry L. Ferriss, Michael C. Kaltenberg, Kerry L. Keen, David Keuhl, Michael D. Middleton, Eric M. Sanden, Brian R. Smith, Laine Vignona, Ian S. Williams, David C. Zlesak