Degree Requirements

Conservation Major

Conservation Core

Conservation Core 47-49 cr. hrs.

ESM 109 Introduction to Forestry 2 cr.
ESM 151 Introduction to Land Use Theory and Practice 3 cr.
ESM 220 Environmental Sustainability: Theory, Issues, and Management 3 cr.
ESM 270 Internship I 2-4 cr.
ESM 303 Environmental Policies and Administration 3 cr.
ESM 333 Remote Sensing of Natural Resources 3 cr.
ESM 343 Woodlot Management 3 cr.
ESM 360 Applied Hydrology and Water Quality 4 cr.
ESM 363 GIS Application in Resource Management 3 cr.
ESM 485 Seminar in Resource Management 1 cr.
SOIL 120 Introduction to Soil Science 3 cr.
SOIL 440 Soil and Water Conservation 4 cr.
AGEC 450 Introduction to Natural Resource Economics 3 cr.
BIOL 344 Wildlife Biology 4 cr.
BIOL 360 Ecology 3 cr.
BIOL 210 General Botany 3 cr.
or BIOL 230 General Zoology

Supporting Courses

Required Supporting Courses 14 cr. hrs.

GEOG 250 Introduction to Cartography and GIS 3 cr.
ENGL 266 Business Writing
or ENGL 367 Technical Writing 3 cr.
AGEC 230 Agriculture Economics I 3 cr.
or ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics
CHEM 120 Introduction to General Chemistry 6 cr.
or CHEM 121 General Chemistry 1 5cr.

General Education Requirements

As listed for CAFES with the following exceptions:
Ethical Citizenship: ESM 105 required
Sciences: GEOL 101 and BIOL 150 required.

Department of Plant and Earth Science

324 Agricultural Science

Donavon Taylor-Chair, Jill Coleman Wasik, Holly Dolliver, Allison Gale, Todd Johnson, Veronica Justen, Kerry Keen, Natasha Macnack, Yoana Newman, Eric Sanden, Brian Smith, Dan Waletzko, Ian Williams, David Zlesak, Steven DeBroux, Kevyn Juneau

The Conservation major is designed to meet the academic needs of students interested in a career dealing with the management of our natural environment. The major has the flexibility to accommodate interests in general natural resource management, soil and water conservation, environmental education, forest or wildlife management, environmental regulations or law enforcement, and the like, depending on the students course selection of directed and general electives.