Career Treks FAQ

 How can I sign up for an upcoming Career Trek?

Sign up online.

What should I expect from a site visit?

You can expect to learn more about the organization, recruitment process and potential internship, volunteer and full time opportunities. Also, you will experience the company culture and network with HR personnel, staff members, and/or alumni working at the organization.

What is the dress code for visit?

Business casual attire (i.e. dress pants, skirt, dress shirt, sweater) is required. No jeans, athletic pants, shorts, or leggings are permitted. Closed toed shoes are required.

How can I make the most of the Career Trek?

Prepare ahead of time: Spend some time learning about the organization through its website, read its career pages, and check for postings on Hire-a-Falcon. Also search for any recent news about the organization and know about its products and services. Prepare a list of questions and bring a pen and paper to take notes, which will help with any follow up.

Act Professionally: Although a site visit is not an interview, your contribution on the day can lead to an ongoing relationship with the organization. Also, as a representative of UW-River Falls, you make a positive impression by showing an interest in the day's activities and asking well-researched questions. This means you should not be using your cell phone or other devices during the site visit. 

What is the cancellation policy?

By registering for this event, you confirm your commitment to attend. The event is limited to a small group of students, and your registration means that another interested student is not able to attend. If you can no longer attend the event, you must cancel your registration by 5pm two business days prior to the event. If you do not attend or cancel your registration by this date, you will no longer be able to participate in future Career Treks. Additionally, you will be required to write an apology letter to the host employer.

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