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What you will want to know

  • Is the company public or privately owned?
  • What product does the company make or what service does the organization provide?
  • Who are the customers or clients?
  • Where is the organization located? Where are the central headquarters, regional offices, and other major offices?
  • What is the status of the organization? How is it doing financially? Who are the competitors? How does it compare with similar organizations? What is its reputation?
  • Does the organization own other companies and/or is it owned by a larger organization?
  • What it the history of the organization, including evolved products and services, management structure, staffing, and financial standings?
  • Is the organization facing any problems? How is it working to resolve them?
  • What are the future prospects and goals for the organization?
  • Who manages the organization? How are decisions made?
  • What does the organization look for in its employees (skills, education, background)?
  • What are the philosophies and practices of the organization regarding employee needs and concerns? What benefits or "perks" are offered?

Where to find information

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