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Educators, counselors and school administrators applying to school districts are required to participate in a structured recruitment process which is different from applying to jobs in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Professional positions in school districts often require certification or licensure (note: if you are in process of obtaining certification or licensure, you may still apply for positions).

School District Application Materials

  1. Cover letter or letter of application / interest for school districts  (see Professional Letters for Education Majors here)
  2. Resumes for school districts  (see "Resumes for Education Majors here)
  3. List of references/reference page. See the end of the "Resumes for Education Majors" handout
  4. Letters of recommendation
  5. Transcripts: "Unofficial Transcripts" printed from eSIS may be submitted . If an "Official Transcript" is specified as a requirement in the job description, it must be obtained by contacting the UWRF Registrar's Office.
  6. District application form: Applications online sometimes time-out, so type your answers in an MS Word document, spell check, then save - return to the Web page and copy/paste your responses to submit your application. Always make a copy of your hardcopy and electronic application materials.

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