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The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is an inclusive campus, meaning that it is accepting of all types of people and all types of ideas. In that spirit, every organization on campus is required to be inclusive as well.  A registered student organization will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, disability, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status or parental status, or academic course of study (with exceptions made for gender as listed in Title IX and religious and political beliefs as stated in University of Wisconsin Board of Regent Policy Documents 30-6). Activities that each organization provides should also eliminate discriminatory and/or culturally insensitive language, behavior, and content from activities sponsored by the university and it is encouraged that our student organizations follow this policy as well.

Short Answer:  There is a no-cut policy with UWRF Sport Clubs.  Any interested student may join a Sport Club; however, due to league or affiliation rules, budget restrictions, and competitive advantages, each club may set a "Competition" or "Travel" roster based on skill level.

UWRF Athletic teams are housed in Athletics Department, whereas Sport Clubs report to Campus Recreation.  Sport Clubs are completely student managed with some guidance from the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation.  Students are responsible for the administration of the club including setting practice schedules, competition schedules, organizing travel, creating a budget, and purchasing equipment.  Much of the individual students expenses are paid out-of-pocket or through fundraisers ran by the club as minimal funding is provided by the University.  Varsity Athletic teams are managed by the Athletic Department staff, coaches, and governing conference with larger operating budgets and, in general, higher competition level as a part of the NCAA.  Both teams represent the University at state, regional, and national competitions; however, Sport Clubs compete in different governing bodies based on the sport.

Also, other than Women's Volleyball, UWRF does not offer both a Sport Club and Varsity Athletic team in the same sport.  Most times, a Sport Club is formed because a Varsity Athletic team is not supported by UWRF, the WIAC, or the NCAA.

The Intramural Sports program provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to participate in sports against other teams within the University of Wisconsin-River Falls campus community.  The purpose of Intramural Sports is to provide exercise, recreation, and fun to its participants.  This program is different from Sport Clubs in that Sport Clubs are student only and travel outside of the University to compete at organized competitions, events, and tournaments against other Universities.

In general, the highest level of competition is in Athletics followed by Sport Clubs and ending with Intramural Sports.

Each Sport Club is run by the elected student officers.  Student Officers are elected the previous year with positions as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and possibly others.  These elected officers are in-charge of club funding, scheduling practice times, joining a league, reigstering for tournaments or events, scheduling home and away contests, planning travel logistics, and the overall flow of the club.

The Assistant Director of Recreation is the advisor of the Sport Club Program.  That position assists club officers with all aspects of their club as well as ensures each club is following University, State, and Fedral laws.

The Sport Club Program is partially funded through Student Segregated Fees and partially funded either through fundraised money or out-of-pocket.

Each club is awarded a certain amount (typically between $2,000-$5,000) based on league fees, travel requests, and adherence to policies in previous years.  Most clubs still need to charge a small fee from each individual member, host fundraisers, or use money out-of-pocket to fund all desired travel, equipment purchases, and tournament registration fees. 

Awesome!  That is the best part about college... give it a try!  Many students have interest in a sport, but were never offered the sport in High School or have never played competitively.  Sport Clubs regularly develop new players in practices and try to gradually adding more "game minutes" throughout the season.

If you have some interest in a club, reach out to the officers or try to attend a practice.  Some clubs have extra equipment available for new participants until they decide to purchase their own.

  • Note:  Sport Clubs are competitive in nature and the club is still able to determine playing time based on skill level.

Please contact  There are a few clubs on campus who, due to the nature of their activity, are not classified as Sport Clubs.  For instance, the Rodeo Club is not housed in Campus Recreation as a Sport Club because of the nature of their activities and on-campus facilities at the Lab Farm.

If we do not have the club you are looking for, start your own club!  All Sport Clubs on campus originally started when a few students had a common interest and got together to form a club.  With a little paperwork and a few other interested participants, you can start your own club on campus.

For more information on how to start a Student Organization/Sport Club, please contact

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