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Fitness Incentive Program

Please follow these steps to setup your Member Enrollment. After you complete your enrollment and receive an email from NIHCA.  Campus Recreation staff verify and submit your facility access data each month.
  1. Go to "MEMBERS Options."
  2. Click "First Time Enrollment."  (You must meet all requirements and be a paid member of the Falcon Center.)
  3. Please select your Insurance Company.
  4. Enter the Zip Code of your facility to find your location. (54022)
  5. Find the Falcon Center - University of Wisconsin River Falls and click “Enroll Online.”
  6. Read and Consent to terms by clicking the box and then apply.
  7. Please read your insurance information before enrolling in NIHCA Fitness Incentives.
  8. Fill out the entire “Member Enrollment” form. This includes “Fitness Center Barcode” (Community members enter number on the front of your membership card and UWRF Fac/staff use your w#).
  9. After you submit your information you will receive an email from NIHCA REWARDS that confirms your enrollment.
  10. Campus Recreation Staff completes the verification process and will check your visits at the end of each the month for submission.

Poster Version of Instructions

UWRF students and all student memberships are not eligible to participate in the NICHA Rewards/Fitness Incentive program. You must purchase a Community or Faculty/Staff Falcon Center, Climbing Center, or Knowles Field House membership to become eligible for this program.

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