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The Intramural Sports program traditionally used a one-time team payment made by the captain at the time of team registration.  That fee was between $25-$40 for team sports and $5-$10 for individual or dual sports.  We are moving to a new system, known as Play Pass, where individuals will make their own payment to play when they join a roster or create a team.  This will remove the team registration fee burden from the captain who had paid for the whole team in the past. 

With the pass options, a player can purchase a single team pass and play on one single team in a single league for $7.50.  A player could also purchase a semester pass, which allows for unlimited access to intramural sports as long as player is within the league guidelines (one gender specific team and one co-rec team). The semester pass will be available for $15.

This pass can be purchased for the entire semester and will allow for unlimited semester intramural play. Students with this pass can enroll on as many teams as they wish, as long as they follow the individual league rules. When this pass is purchased, there will be no need to purchase any other passes for the entire semester. The semester pass expires at playoffs of the second quarter or sports in the semester. Participants must have a valid UWRF ID to participate in Intramurals. Refunds on a semester pass will only be given for a semester ending injury. Participants must submit proof of injury and no refund request will be accepted after spring break.

This pass can be purchased at any point during the semester and will allow for a student to join one intramural team. Students with this pass can enroll on any team in any league as long as they meet the requirements of the league. When this pass is purchased, a student can join their one team. The pass expires upon joining any single team in intramurals. Participants must have a valid UWRF ID to participate in Intramurals. Refunds will not be given for a single team pass. One purchase of this pass will count towards a credit on the semester pass if a player chooses to upgrade after an initial purchase of the single team pass. Renewing the single team pass will not count towards continued credits on an upgrade.


Frequently Asked Questions

When a participant signs into IMLeagues to register a team (as a captain) or join an existing team (non-captain), that person will have the option to select the pass they would like to purchase (or use if previously purchased). 

A participant may upgrade their pass throughout the semester if they start with a single team pass ($5), but can decide to join multiple teams (+$10) later.  That participant would only need to pay the difference to move from the single team pass ($5) to the unlimited team pass ($15). 

Any player that arrives the day of the contest will still be required to fill out an add sheet.  That participant will be allowed to play in one game.  They will be entered onto the team roster and will be required to purchase a pass or use a pre-existing pass to make them eligible to compete in the next contest.  If a player fails to do so, they will not be allowed to play until their pass is purchased.

The fees for the new Play Pass are based on averages of what players would pay for full team sports in the past.  In most situations, team captains would pay the full rate ($25-$40) and collect a flat rate of $5 from their teammates.  With this new system, players are taking the responsibility of payment to become eligible to play intramural sports.

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