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Intramural Sports are setup to give UWRF students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to play in an organized league against like-minded individuals on campus.  League play typically consists of a five week regular season followed by a one week playoff bracket.  Contests are scheduled based on the night and time you register for.

All UWRF students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports. 

More specific eligibility restrictions for current UWRF athletes, former collegiate athletes, sport club participants, CVTC/UW-La Crosse cohort students, and professional athletes can be found in the Intramural Sports Handbook.

All team registration, additions to the roster, payment for the league, scheduling, standings, playoff bracketing, and results take place through IMLeagues.  To access IMLeagues, visit and look for the IMLeagues icon or tab.

Sign-in information for IMLeagues is the same as your campus ID (W# and password).  If you are having trouble signing in, please contact DoTS at (715) 425-3687.

The fee to play intramural sports is collected at the time of registration.  Each individual on the team pays their own fee using the Play Pass system. 

  • To play on one team, the fee is $7.50.
  • To buy an unlimited semester pass, the fee is $25.
  • To buy an unlimited annual pass, the fee is $45.

Teams unable to make a contest should contact the Campus Recreation Department at (715) 425-4289 or prior to 1pm on the day of the contest.  This allows time for the Campus Recreation Staff to notify the opponents, officials, scorekeepers, student staff, and facility of the cancelled contest.  Without prior notification, the team not showing will be charged a forfeit fee to re-enter the league.  If the forfeit fee is not paid by the next contest, the team will be removed from the league.

More information about the Forfeit/Default policies can be found in the Intramural Sports Handbook.

Groups of students who want to play together need to elect a captain.  The captain is in charge of registering the team, paying the league fee, and will be the main contact from the Campus Recreation Office.

That captain will need to go on IMLeagues to register their team.  They will select a league and division for their team.  Once the team is registered and the league fee is paid, the team captain can invite all players to join their team roster through IMLeagues.  The schedule will be set shortly after the league registration deadline.

Individuals who would like to play on a team but do not have one are able to register on the "Free Agents" list on IMLeagues and hope to get picked up by a team looking for more players.  Those students are also strongly encouraged to reach out to current teams to see if they are looking for more players.  Campus Recreation will try to help students find a team, but ultimately, those students are responsible for trying to find their own team to play on.

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