Group Fitness


Group Fitness

**NEW as of July 2022 - Group Fitness classes are included in the Falcon Center membership for students, faculty, staff, and community members.  Non-members may purchase a Group Fitness pass only.  Must be 16 years or older to attend.  Stop at the Fitness Center to ask about rates and eligibility.

Course Registration

Participants must present their UWRF ID or membership card and sign into the computer at the beginning of class.  Pre-registration is available to ensure your spot in the class.  Class sizes may be limited based on room capacity or equipment availability.  Course schedule may change without notice.  Stay up-to-date on course changes by following UW-River Falls Campus Recreation on Facebook and Instagram

Want to know the quickest and easiest way to reserve your spot in a class?  Download the Campus Rec app to register for classes and to view group fitness schedule.


Course Descriptions

Butts and Guts is an interval based class which uses the participants body weight, some free weights, and different exercises to mainly focus on the core and lower body.

A strong core, from your shoulders to your hips, will improve athletic performance, help prevent back pain, allow you to safely move in daily life, and strengthen your abs. Expert coaching, unique exercises, and motivating music will guide you through functional and integrated exercises using just your body weight. This 20 min class is just what you need in your day to take some time away from school, work, or other daily tasks to focus on your health and fitness. This fast-paced class incorporates a variety of abdominal exercises to strengthen the core and is open to all ability levels.

Cycling is an aerobic class that offers low impact workout with an amazing cardio and endurance results.  All classes are done on brand new stationary bikes.  High-energy music will keep you moving throughout the class, though participants are able to control their own resistance on the bike for easier or harder workouts.

Your body is a machine. This completely body-weight workout takes your fitness to a new level with a masterfully integrated class design to challenge your mind and body. This class is for all fitness levels and combines core, power, plyometrics, and endurance-based exercises into an interval type workout. You’ll work for :20 then rest for :10, progressing through a series of exercises targeted at giving you a full body workout. This class requires very little equipment and space. All you will need is; 1. Yourself, 2. A small bubble of space, 3. Positive energy, and 4. A “Can Do Attitude”.

Movement & Mobility is about developing safe and correct movement patterns for commonly performed exercises. With many different ways to complete an exercise, participants will learn the benefits of each variation and various cues to help perform the movement correctly. Learn about a "main" exercise and complete a moderate intensity workout incorporating the "main" exercise. Mainly body weight movements, the class is geared towards minimizing injury risks by moving your body safely and correctly.

Get ready for the total body, high-energy, team-based group fitness class that is Shockwave!  If you into Power HIIT, this class brings the Challenge portion of PHIIT to the focal point of the session. Participants will work in teams to complete the whole workout! Join us for this uplifting, synergistic class focused on getting you engaged and empowered by your peers. All-levels are welcome and encouraged to start, continue, or transform their fitness journey in this 45min group fitness class led by a professional instructor. See you there!

Yoga classes follow a mixed-level Vinyasa Flow format which allows students to flow through poses while connecting breathing and movements.  Each class finishes with gentle stretches and relaxation.  Classes are perfect for beginners and advanced participants alike.

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