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Campus Life

Global Opportunities

We value global engagement. We believe in engaging with ideas, people, cultures, and places beyond our campus to enrich learning for all members of the UW-River Falls community.

Education Abroad
More than 350 students study abroad each year. The UW-River Falls Office of International Education can help you select a program that is right for you. Scholarships are available for qualified students. 

Global Living
For the 2017-18 academic year, May Hall serves as a global living community, housing both international and domestic students. Residents have the opportunity to learn from each other, practice language skills and gain a deeper understanding of cultural perspectives.

Global Programming Society
A student organization dedicated to bringing people from different cultures together. Enjoy activities and events that promote dialogue and awareness about world events, cultures, and issues. 

"Year Of" Program
Each year, UW-River Falls selects a specific country to engage students in various educational and cultural activities to raise awareness of that country.

Dalkeith House

Wisconsin in Scotland
Experience Scotland from the historical Dalkeith House.

experience China

Experience China
Immerse yourself in Chinese culture from beautiful Hangzhou.


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