Calendar of Events

Submit an Event

Anyone may submit an event to be posted to the UW-River Falls Campus Calendar.

Events from the general public need to be approved by a calendar manager before they appear.

Information needed in order to post an event includes:

  • Post Date (required) - the date the event notice will appear on the calendar (not the date of the event)
  • Event Title (required) - brief, descriptive, informative
  • Event URL - the full URL of a Web page with further information if one is available
  • Event Description - information about the event excluding date, time, and location which are entered separately
  • Contact Name (required but can be hidden)
  • Contact E-mail (required but can be hidden)
  • Contact Phone (can be hidden - use the format with hyphens 715-425-3687)
  • Calendar (required - see how to choose a calendar)
  • Event Type (required - see how to choose an event type)
  • Department (required - see how to choose a department)
  • Location (required) - a room reservation should always be made before an event is submitted directly to the calendar (see how to make a room reservation and include your event on the calendar automatically)
  • Event Date (required) - the month and day on which the event occurs (see information on recurring events)
  • Event Start Time (required) - the time the event begins (excluding any set-up time for the room/location)
  • Event End Time (required) - enter an exact or estimated end time
  • Event Image - this is required if you have indicated that your event should be a featured event.
  • Additional Event Info - see more information on additional event info

If you have a Calendar User Account, logging in before submitting an event will automatically fill in your contact information.

Frequent users should request an account.