RSS Feeds

RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds are used in the Calendar of Events to display a list of events based on different criteria.

The RSS feeds are created and maintained by a Calendar Administrator.

The list of public RSS feeds can be seen by clicking RSS Feeds at the bottom of any calendar page.

Public (and private) RSS feeds can be used for lists of events that will be displayed on department or unit Web pages.

As an example, the UWRF music department uses an RSS feed from the calendar of events to display upcoming concerts and performances. The music RSS feed (embedded on the music department "Events Calendar" page) collects all the events from the calendar that meet this criteria: 

  • Calendar = Music
  • Event Type = Concert
  • Department = Music

In this example, an event submitted to the Music calendar with the event type of "concert" but a different department would not show up on the Music department's Web page.

RSS feeds can use multiple calendars and multiple event types as filters. An RSS feed listing ALL music events might use the following criteria:

  • Calendar = Music, Public Events, Student Events (or All Calendars)
  • Event Type = Concert, Dance or Party, Performance
  • Department = All

Again, RSS feeds are set up and maintained by Calendar Administrators. For assistance, contact

At the bottom of each page:

RSS Feeds

The URL of the RSS Feed can be embedded on a UWRF Web page in order to display specific events using the RSS Reader element.