Calendar of Events

For Managers

Log in using your e-mail address and your chosen password.
(The calendar does not use your Falcon account.)

You'll know you are logged in when you see your name and the Log Out button.

Click "Admin Panel."

Calendar Admin Login

This takes you to the Admin > Events and Special Dates > Manage Events screen automatically.

Calendar Manage Events

If there are events that have been submitted by a non-account holder, they will show up on this page as Pending Approval.

To view all the events submitted to a particular calendar, filter by that calendar and click the "Approved" radio button.

Calendar View Approved

Use the check box to delete events.

Click the Event Title to review or edit the event which brings you to the following screen:

Calendar Edit Event

Use the "Edit Event" here for Contact Info


Use the lower "Edit" and check the box or click the title to edit description and time


The top "Edit Event" button brings you here:

Calendar Edit Contact Info

The lower edit function (either check the box and click "edit" or just click the title of the event) shows you this screen where you can add a description, change the time, etc.:

Calendar Edit Description and Time

After you complete your edits, Save and then use the "Back to Manage Events" to return to the list:

Calendar Back to Manage Events