Calendar of Events

Choose an Event Type

Event types are used in both room reservations and on the calendar. 

You may choose a Calendar and an Event Type when you make a room reservation online. This will place your event on the calendar without a description. Descriptions can be added by Calendar Managers.

When you submit an event directly to the calendar, there are three event types available that are not on the Reservations list (Announcement, Audition, and Film). 

Event types include:

  • Announcement (not an option in Reservations; e.g., final grades due, deadline for drop/add, network outage)
  • Audition (not an option in Reservations; e.g., theatre auditions, music performance auditions)
  • Camp (e.g., sports camps, music camps)
  • Ceremony (e.g., Commencement, Awards Ceremonies)
  • Class (any outreach or other class not included in the UWRF Course Schedule for a term)
  • Competition
  • Concert
  • Conference
  • Dance or Party
  • Exam or Test
  • Exhibit
  • Film (not an option in Reservations)
  • Fundraiser
  • Lecture or Discussion (including panels, open forums, academic presentations)
  • Meal: Banquet
  • Meal: Breakfast
  • Meal: Brunch
  • Meal: Dinner
  • Meal: Lunch
  • Meeting (business meetings, department meetings, search and screen meetings, etc.)
  • Practice
  • Performance (generally theatre or other entertainment that is not a music concert)
  • Reception
  • Recreation
  • Wedding
  • Workshop (or training)

Sporting events are imported to this calendar from the UWRF Sports calendar.

You can only choose one event type.

Event Type

After you choose your Calendar and your Event Type, choose your Department...